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Spring Term

Wednesday 20th January

Today we made Apricot and apple filo parcels.

First we washed our hands and put our aprons on and Mrs Kaynes  took her rings off and she also tied her hair up.

We grated lemons but some of us cut apples.

We then put into the bowl and added in some cinnamon and apricots. 

Then we mixed it up all together and made them into parcels and put them into the oven. 

Apple and Apricot filo parcels

Apple and Apricot filo parcels 1
Apple and Apricot filo parcels 2
Apple and Apricot filo parcels 3
Apple and Apricot filo parcels 4

Wednesday 3.2.16

Fruity Flapjacks


Sadly it is this groups final week at cookery club. This week we worked independently and designed our own 'fruity flapjacks'. We experimented with adding sultanas, cherries, currants and raisins to an existing healthy recipe.


During the session we also reflected on our favourite recipes. We all decided that our mini quiches were a winner!


We enjoyed this week too, as we worked individually rather than in pairs or small groups.


These are the parts of cookery club we liked the best:

  • we learn about how to cook
  • I enjoy cooking for other people and learning new techniques and skills
  • to find new recipe ideas
  • we also like to learn more about where our food comes from


We also had time to do a taste test this session and they were DELICIOUS!




Yummy Fruity Flapjacks

Yummy Fruity Flapjacks 1
Yummy Fruity Flapjacks 2
Yummy Fruity Flapjacks 3
Yummy Fruity Flapjacks 4
Yummy Fruity Flapjacks 5