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Computing Curriculum Intent


Technology is changing the lives of everyone. We want to be equipped with the skills to find, explore, analyse, exchange and present information safely and effectively.



Living in the 21st Century, technology underpins nearly everything we do. Through our Computing Curriculum, we aim to give our pupils to life skills that will enable them to welcome and utilise new technology in a responsible and safe way in order to thrive. We aim to use Computing to support all areas of the curriculum and also to ensure that our curriculum is accessible to everyone. We want our pupils to become self-sufficient and independent users of technology, ensuring that they gain confidence and enjoyment from the activities they complete. Throughout our learning in Computing, not only do we want our pupils to develop their digital literacy skills, but also understanding themselves as a responsible digital citizen, as part of a wider global community. We aim for the children to become creative, resilient and independent in the ever changing digital landscape.