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Mini Police

Mini Police 2022-2023

This year our mini police pupils are:

  • Maddy
  • Grace
  • Riah
  • Amelia
  • Julia
  • Francesca
  • Parker


So far this year we have learnt how to keep ourselves safe online and what to do if something is upsetting.

We know how to report a crime and we have learnt about being positively different and valuing diversity.

Mini Police 2021-2022


Our Mini Police Officers for this year are:

  • Oscar
  • Miah
  • Riley
  • Maddy
  • Amelia
  • Grace

PCSO Key has been in to school a few times this year to help us with our elections and also to deliver the first session of the Digital Resilience module where the pupils in year 5 and 6 identified the social media apps they knew and had a guess at how old you are meant to be to access them. They talked about the pros and cons of social media and how people can use it. 



Today the Mini Police went for a walk around the local area identifying houses or cars that were insecure or had valuables on display. They learnt that ladders can be used to enter an insecure house,  and that windows and doors should be locked even if the owner is in the back garden. 

we looked at some of the staff cars in the car park and identified vehicles that had belongings left on display.