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Monday 21st September


This week we are working on improving our reading stamina. We will be using the sheet below to record how many minutes we can independently read for without getting distracted. Why not give it a go? How long can you keep your attention for?

Maths: This week we are moving our focus to learn about addition and subtraction strategies, with the aim to be able to confidently add and subtract numbers with more than 4 digits.


Today we are working on addition strategies starting off with concrete equipment. See is you can make your own base 10 equipment tor place value counters to help you.


First let's start with some revision using


Then lets focus on adding numbers greater than 4 digits.



Then please use the following resources to do your independent work today.


Year 5 independent work


This week we will be reading a range of persuasive texts and locating their key features.

Today's lesson

LO: To establish the purpose and features of the text.

SC: I can identify the purpose of the text.

I am able to identify ways in which the layout aids the reader.

I can identify a list of features of the text.


  1. Read the following brochures 
    1. Which place would you like to visit and why?
    2. How has the author persuaded you? Make a list of  key words.
    3. How is the text set out to help guide the reader?


Then read the model text about Florida.

What type of writing do they think it is?

What do we know about Florida from the leaflet?

How has the author organised the information so that it is easy to follow? 


On a copy of  the leaflet, highlight places that they could visit in Florida and layout devices that the author has used to help organise the information.


Light lesson 4 


Use the slides and the film clip in it to learn about the parts of your eye and how they work.

Draw or label a diagram of the eye writing an explanation of how we see.