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Thank you so much for asking me to  into your lovely school do chocolate making with the children.

It has been busy, but really enjoyable experience.

Everyone was very friendly and made me feel very welcome.

I felt it ran smoothly, thanks to your organisational skills and the very competent and helpful TA’s, to whom I am very grateful.

Your students were polite, enthusiastic and there were some real characters!



I just wanted to send a note to say thank you to everyone at Holy Trinity for the last few years of hard work put into helping our children grow. 

Above anything, the values the children have gained from the school, with regards friendship, manners, and sharing are brilliant and we are proud of the people they have become; thanks to the staff in no small part. 

They have ALWAYS enjoyed school, we have never had a day where they haven't wanted to go or haven't enjoyed it by the end and the experiences and trips they have had are second to none. From the reception, to dinner staff, to teachers and assistants, nothing has been too much trouble. 

The Bluey Club in particular has played a huge role in making multiple deployments manageable and pass quickly with very little effect on the children as they had this to look forward to every week.

Thank you again, we greatly appreciate what a fantastic foundation you have given them to continue on in education and life in general. We wish the school, the staff and pupils all the best for the future.