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Parental Questionnaire

Thank you so much to everyone who completed our Parent Questionnaire. We had a fantastic response and received very positive feedback.

100% my  children are safe in school.

98% my children are happy in school.

98% behaviour is good in school.

94% agree with the amount of homework.

100% said children experience and wide and varied curriculum.

98% think Friday Mentions are beneficial


The support that the school provide is excellent .

I find my child is very happy  in school he is able to talk to his teacher should he need to and feels safe in the school environment.

My child loves school and would like more homework.

The school go far  above and beyond their duty of care, the children are lucky to be part of the school.

Fantastic Harvest Festival, everyone was fantastic! Excellent singing Maple class-  you should be very proud of yourselves.

We are very pleased with how our children are getting on in school.

My child seems to be thriving in year 2. He loves coming to school now which is a welcome surprise. Mrs Addison has a fab way with children.

Happy with school and daughter's progress.

Maple class is excellent, my son has settled in so well and absolutely loves it

I am very happy with the way he has settled in and how they have taken the time to get to know him and understand him.


Suggestions for improvement:

Parents responsibililty for behaviour.

I believe my child should be happy where she is taught and the parents should have involvement.

Would be nice to come to more Friday Mentions when my child is recognised for achievements and or good behaviour.

My little one could do with more homework.

I agree with Friday Mentions but they seem few and far between with my  children, they get very disheartened.

Children notice that it can be repetitive of which children receive acknowledgements especially when they struggle.

It would be nice if the parents of just the children getting a Friday Mention were invited to the assembly rather than coming to one where you child doesn’t get one and then missing the one when they do

I find there should be no holiday homework as it is a holiday. holiday

I do think if a child is receiving a Friday Mention or Citizen Award they should invite the parents.

Older children only getting 10 minutes for lunch is not long enough.