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Parental Questionnaire March 2018

Parental Questionnaire March 2018

Responses from 87 parents.

My child is happy at this school: 93% agree and 51% strongly agree.

2 parents disagreed with this statement and 4 put a mark in more than one box.

My child feels safe at this school: 98.8% agree and 74% strongly agree.

1 mark in more than one box.

Behaviour is a good standard: 94% agree 56% strongly agree.

1 mark in more than one box. 3 parents disagree (Y5, Y4, Reception and Year 1)

My child is well looked after: 97.7% agree and 71% strongly agree.

2 put a mark in more than one box.

My child is taught well: 98.8% agree and 71% strongly agree.

1 parent disagreed.

My child experiences a wide a varied curriculum: 98.8% agree 74.8% strongly agree.

1 parent disagreed.

The office staff are welcoming and friendly: 97% agree and 70% strongly agree.

2 parents ticked in more than one box.


92% of parents say they use the school website.

90% of parents found the online booking system for Parents’ Evening easy to use.

Not applicable for Maple Class


  • An amazing school in all aspects.
  • Fabulous school! Passionate staff who go above and beyond to help children learn and achieve their potential. My child is thriving at school and takes great pride in being a Holy Trinity pupil.
  • Brilliant communication . I feel I can talk to teachers about anything.
  • Brilliant school my son loves it.
  • My child enjoys coming to school. Always so happy at pick up.
  • Keep up the wonderful job you are doing and thank you.
  • Both my children are very happy at school.
  • Exciting range of topics, workshops and trips.
  • Teacher has made a massive difference to my son. He got to a point of not wanting to come in any more but since Y* things have changed. Thank you and well done.
  • She loves Willow class.


Development Points:

  • Less homework in the holidays.
  • PE rather than spirituality.
  • More support for children when they transition from Reception to Year 1 .
  • Good assessments of children so that they can be sent home early if they are ill.
  •  Willow class did not perform the Samba drumming for parents.
  •  More challenging literature.
  • Change which children are given special roles.
  • Seek views of all children when there are issues involving more than one child.
  • Less use of films  during lesson times.