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Purchases made for the school.

New sports kit purchased by Friends of The School. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Below are some of things that Friends of the School have funded in the last year alone, spending just over £3000.00 and as you can see, the money that was spent really has enhanced the school experience for the children.

We have...

  • Bought the new goalposts that have made football much more enjoyable!
  • Bought the Drinking Fountain that seems to be a very popular addition to the playground.
  • Bought iPad covers for some of the schools iPads.
  • Purchased the Sum-Dogs and iMovie Apps.
  • Donated £1,150.00 towards transport costs for school trips and transport to school events.
  • Bought x2 new cameras and SD Cards.
  • Bought a new CD player for the school hall.
  • Donated just over £300 to the new Garden Project.
  • Bought the Year 6 leavers books.
  • Bought materials that were used in the school science day