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Tuesday 15th September

Today's Tasks:

Guided Reading- Choose an event in a story you have read and write about it in the style of a newspaper report. Think up a fitting Headline and don't forget to include Who? What? When? Where and Why? in your first paragraph. You may like to include an illustration too!



Today were are looking at rounding. Please use the link below to find a rounding rap that explains the method to use to round any number. Then try your groups worksheet attached below. I have also attached the answers so you can check how you did.


rounding rap



LO: To revise a range of coordinating conjunctions and use them in my own sentences.


SC: I can name at least 4 coordinating conjunctions.

I am able to suggest a suitable conjunction to complete a given sentence.

I can write my own sentences using coordinating conjunctions.


Follow the link to learn about co-ordinating conjunctions.


The see if you can choose an appropriate one to complete each sentence. 
Extension: Can you use coordinating conjunctions to write sentences about the man in The Tin Forest story?