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WE Day 2020

Following their hard work running a We Need Numeracy campaign and organising the next We Fight Poverty and We Walk for Water campaigns, the WE Group joined other schools from across the country to celebrate at Wembley Arena in London.  It was a very early start, but they had a fantastic day hearing guest speakers, singers, musicians and finding out about other school's projects. 

Here are some of their comments:


"WE Day was amazing! The person who inspired me was Jamie Oliver who talked about healthy diets.  Alexandra Adams also inspired me by showing that every girl has the right to do what they want to do even if they have a disability.  She is a deaf/blind medical student who was refused 3 times for entry to become a doctor."  by Maggie


"I really liked WE Day because Lewis Hamilton is my favourite F1 driver and he told us all about climate change.  I also liked Jamie Oliver because he makes nice, healthy foods and healthy puddings and he told us all about obesity and how to keep fit."   by Cooper


"On Wednesday 4th March, I had the best experience of my life and saw so many amazing people.  My favourite was Idris Elba because he is in two of my favourite film series.  Jamie Oliver is also my favourite because he is a professional chef and I have an interest in cooking and becoming a chef later on in life.   We had to complete missions throughout WE Day.  We wore glow bands that lit up during the DJ's music and the songs.  We listened to famous people say what they wanted their super power to be.  I would like time travel to be my super power.  This year's WE Day was amazing!"

by Miah


"WE Day for me was a life changing experience, hearing all of the inspirational speakers.  My favourite speaker was a lady called Alexandra Adams.  She was born blind and deaf, however she is one year away from graduating to be a doctor!   Maya Ghazal was a refugee from Syria.  She had a very hard life growing up as a child.  She escaped to Turkey, then swam to Greece.  Now she lives in the UK and has become the first female Syrian refugee to become a pilot."   by Hermione


"WE Day was amazing.  We saw Lewis Hamilton, Jamie Oliver, Leona Lewis and the Celebrity Marauders.  My favourite was Jamie Oliver because he inspires me to eat healthily."  by Ella


Amazing trip to Wembley Arena for WE Day 2019

WE GROUP 2018-2019

Meet our new WE Group, members of the School Council and Religious Council working together on local and global projects.


28 11 18 Today we held our first meeting as the WE Group. We looked at the different local projects and discussed which one would benefit the school and local community. We had a debate and a vote, the outcome was very close, but WE READ won! Over the next few weeks we will be planning lots of exciting activities.


Today in WE, we have been completing and practising our whole school assembly about cyber bullying. Daisy and Ellie have made a  picture collage, which is amazing!


WE group are back together!

We are finishing our whole school assembly and making posters to put up around the school to spread kindness.


Today in WE club we were planning our assembly to spread awareness of cyber bullying. #WEriseAbove.

WE group helps you discover your community in ways you've never seen before and gives you an insight into issues in countries thousands of miles away.





We are working on supporting children to rise above bullying. Today we carried our research to find out what the issues in our school are.