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Wednesday 16th September

I hope you all got on well with yesterday's tasks.


Today I would like you to try and complete the following.



Year 5

Please watch the following lesson on rounding. Today we are working on rounding to the nearest

10, 000 and 100,000.

I have attached the worksheet below.



Year 6

Please watch the following lesson and try to answer the questions as you go. You can stop the film when needed to allow yourself extra time.

I have attached the worksheet below.



Today in class we will be using our senses to help add detail to our descriptive writing.

Please use the video clip of The Tin Forest  to collect senses words about what the old man can see, hear, smell and touch.


Then try to write a description of the setting at the start and end of the story using expanded noun phrases, similes and your senses. Try to remember accurate punctuation.



We are looking today at how instruments are made and how the culture of where they are made influences their design.


Please look at the images attached below and try to work out how the parts of each instrument is joined. What materials are used?


Then watch one of the following How things are made clips.

Watch How it's made- flute




Finally on a piece of paper- or on the computer draw 1 or 2 instruments as an exploded diagram, labelling each part and identifying what it is made from and how it is joined.