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What we have been getting up to

Well we have had a lot of fun since returning this year. The children have been learning about the seasons and the weather. They have been exploring Hinduism and learning about prehistoric humans from the Stone Age through to the Iron Age.

They are also starting to learn about collage art, we are working towards creating our own art work! So keep your eyes open for future updates on this one!

As part of learning about the Stone Age the children had a go at making their own Stone Age hammers. It was not as simple as we first thought it would be, but the children persisted and we ended up with some fantastic examples. But don’t take my word for it take a look below…

This week we have moved into the Bronze Age and we have been looking at how they made their tools using smelting and metallurgy. But rather than just watching it we decided to have ago at making some of our own clay moulds just like they did in the Bronze Age. Now don’t let the odd shapes fool you, inside there should be some perfectly crafted moulds of our hands and fingers…. Maybe….

It’s been an interesting week this week, we have been learning about symbols in RE and how different religions have different symbols to represent different meanings. The children even had ago at making a symbol that represented themselves. They all decided that Mr Cuttell’s symbol had to be a cake… I’m not sure how to take that…

We also went on a material hunt, found out how Bronze Age houses were made and wrote our own set of instructions. It’s been a very busy week but a fun one. Stay tuned for more excitement coming up!

Well it’s almost half term and it’s been a busy start to our school year. The children have worked very hard and we have had a lot of fun! Plus it’s not over yet.

This week the children have finished writing their instructional texts and I’m very pleased to say they have done a much better job of it than Mr Cuttell trying to make a jam sandwich!

They have also been making a fact poster in RE to help anyone wanting to learn about Hinduism. Their Knowledge of this has been amazing… just don’t ask about the Universal Supreme chicken… Thank you Mrs Simons… Sigh…

Thank fully the children have a much better grasp of Hinduism than Mrs Simons who was far to focused on her tea that lesson.

We have also moved into the Iron age in history an have learned how and why people started living in hill forts.

Well it’s good to be back after half term and the children have been busy busy busy! We are learning about Animal adventure stories, we have a new history subject (the Ancient Egyptians) and we are learning about electrical circuits in DT. Oh and Mr Cuttell finally got the photos loaded up from out little Wattle and Daub lesson… that was so much fun!

The children have been working very hard this week and I just have to show you their amazing autumn poems that they have made! Take a look below at the pictures. Also watch this space as there is lots more to come next week!

We have had a great week this week, the children have been busy learning about how to write a diary. They have been experimenting seeing how materials change when we apply heat or cold and they have got one step closer to completing their Design and Technology project. You will have to wait and see what that is…

They have also been learning about the Ancient Egyptians; this week we looked at how the Pharaohs had their Pyramids built. The children had ago at building their own with biscuits! Mr Cuttell was a little mean and band them from using their hands for the first two layers. Instead they had to use pencils as levers and rollers. It added an element of challenge… and frustration to the exercise!

Take a look below at what they made! Some are already showing signs of erosion…