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Mr Twit's Beard Pizzas

As part of our Scrumdiddlyumptious topic for Design Technology we designed and then made pizzas to look like Mr Twit's beard.  First we read the chapter that described Mr Twit and his beard in the Roald Dahl book and found out that it was disgustingly full of bits of old food and took up most of his face!  Then we designed our pizza faces using the ingredients that we would have.  Finally, we made the pizza dough, stretched it out and decorated it.  Take a look at our amazing results in the photos below.  We took them home to cook for tea - delicious!!

Summer Holiday Activities

Welcome back after a busy summer holiday.  Have a look below at the homework projects Oak Class pupils completed over the holiday.  The new year 2s created 'Bags of Me' and from these we have learned a lot about each other and we celebrated our similarities and differences.  The year 3s were really creative and made 'dream jars' using the story BFG as a prompt.  5 Team Points each for their fantastic work!