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ID - Topic Summer Term

This term we will become scientists as we find out who we are.

We will discover all about DNA, genes and fingerprints and why we are all unique!

These skills will then be used to help solve crimes, write reports and look in more detail at why we share characteristics of other family members.


Do you like all the same things that your friends do?

In PHSE we will look in more detail about our values, beliefs and tastes- what makes you one of a kind!

Easter Holiday Homework


Well done everyone on some super posters to start of our ID topic. You have all worked very hard and created some excellent pieces.

Here are some examples:

Science Investigation:

In science this week we have been investigating questions such as:

Do people with longer legs run faster?

Does having a wider hand span make you better at throwing?

Does having a larger shoe size allow you to jump further?


In class we took measurements and created a database using 2Investigate to collate our data. We then used its graphing function to find out what size trainers would be the best to get for the spare PE kit box, by calculating the mean average shoe size of the class.



PSCO Ali & Nicola- Drug talk

What is a drug?

Today we were visited by PSCO Ali and Nicola

They bought in some everyday items which we originally thought were not drugs; however, we discovered that caffeine in items such as: coffee, tea and fizzy drinks can be addictive.


A drug is anything that changes how your body and mind works.


We learned that:

  • cigarettes affect every cell in your body
  • that chocolate is addictive
  • if you take too much of a medicine it can have disastrous effects
  • energy drinks have lots of caffeine and sugar




Monday 8th May

This afternoon we learned about fingerprints. We all used ink to create a record of our own fingerprints after learning lots about the 3 main types: loops, whorls and arches.


Pine Class visit to Barnes Wallis Academy- CSI Morning

This week Pine Class went to Barnes Wallis Academy for a science morning based on a Crime Scene Investigation.

On arrival we were shocked to hear that one of the staff-Miss White- had been found dead the night before! It was up to us to piece together the evidence and identify whether there had been foul play.


We studied her stomach contents and found that an alkali was present, this meant that she may have been poisoned. Next we studied and lifted fingerprints from the crime scene to see if this would help eliminate any of the suspects that the police were holding in custody.


Finally we learned about DNA and were shown how to extract DNA samples (from strawberries).


We all had a great morning. Thank you to everyone who helped make the trip a great success.