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Week beginning 8/3/21

Monday 8th March


English - Look at the example of a diary taken from 'My Secret War Diary by Flossie Albright' and find and highlight any features you have found.


I will add the diary entry on Monday morning as I need to scan it from the book and add it as a PDF here.


Maths -To identify tenths and hundredths

Go through the teaching video and then use the hundred sheet to design a patter using only 3 colours. Then write what fraction as hundredths and tenths you have coloured in.



Computing - To use the internet to add images and information.

Create a digital timeline of The Battle of Britain on a digital device and add images and text to show what happened.


RE - Weigh up how far the Genesis 1 creation narrative is in conflict, or is complementary, with a scientific account.



Look at the unit question: Creation and science: conflicting or complementary? Choose either a or b to show your thoughts.

a) with a short written answer to the key question, with explanation, evidence and examples;

b) a creative response, expressing their own views about the universe, Creation a Creator, science, cosmology, evolution and so on.


Spr4.9.1 - Tenths and hundredths activity

This is "Spr4.9.1 - Tenths and hundredths activity" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.