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Art and Design

Summer Term

This term we will be learning about the artist Degas and making sculptures of figures from foil and clay. We will study how the artist made his work so realistic through looking at proportions of the body and by taking photographs and making simple sketches.


Next,  we will learn about poses, by experimenting with foil sculptures.


And finally we will make wire armatures to support our clay figures and learn new techniques of smoothing, joining and texturing clay, using a wider variety of tools.

Foil sculptures Lesson 3

This week, moving on from looking at proportion and Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man sketches, we are looking at 3D form. 


We used foil to create our own 3D sculptures of humans in a variety of poses. This will help us when we start making our armatures next week, as an internal structure for our clay work.


It was quite tricky to manipulate the foil, without it tearing. 

Here are the end results:

Spring Term


Still Life

This term we will be looking at Jeanette Sirois (a botanical artist).

We will be learning all about shading and creating different tones with graded pencils, blending colours and using primary colours to create secondary colours, using coloured pencils. 





Tone week beginning 17.1.22

In art I learnt how to make a reflection using a hard or a H2, H3 or H4 pencil. I also learnt how to use soft B pencils, which can go to 6B. These are the darkest and H pencils are lighter.


If you can only use an HB pencil you can hold the top of the pencil to make it light and closer to the lead to make it darker.

28.1.22 Colour blending

Today in art we have been mixing primary colours to make secondary colours. The colours we used were: yellow and blue; red and blue and yelllow and blue. 


It was a fun challenge! In the end we used these blending skills to create a beautiful sunset picture. Stay tuned to see some of our masterpieces.

Autumn Term


This term in art we are looking at the significant artist Man Ray and learning about collage techniques, especially in relation to texture.


We looked at several of Man Ray's artworks, some of which I have added below. Then we discussed his style. To end the lesson we watched a short film clip that explained more about his Rayogram photographic technique.