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Design Technology - Chocolate Making

Oak Class had amazing fun today making their own chocolate lollies.  They have learned all about where chocolate comes from and how it is produced.  Having tasted different types of chocolate, they then made their own lollies, decorating them to their own 'taste' - in both senses of the word!  A huge thank you to Deborah Hopkins from The Homemade House for providing such a lovely experience.

Art - Scrumdidlyumptious Topic

Oak Class used different art materials to draw still life pictures of different fruit and vegetables, including pastels, sketch pencils and colour pencils.  After the fruit and vegetables were cut, they concentrated on trying to draw the different textures and seeds from the inside.  A picture of the final display will follow, but here are some photos of them creating.

Religious Education

Oak Class started their topic about Islam by learning about how they believe in one God.  They made a jigsaw of the word 'Allah' to show the 'oneness' and 'uniqueness' of their one God.

Computing and PSHE

Oak Class used a computer program that creates word art to show their feelings about starting a new year.  Everyone had mixed feelings about being in a new classroom, being in a new class or even being in a  new school.  They chose different shapes and colour patterns to make their art work interesting.

What a fantastic display!

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Power Maths

Oak Class have been working really hard in Power Maths and are enjoying completing their new Practice Books.  They have been learning about place value and using lots of equipment to support this.

Oak Class Year 2 'Bags of Me'

Over the summer holidays, the year twos created 'bags of me'.  Inside they put things that represented themselves, such as: things they like doing, places they have been or information about their family, pets and relatives.  On the first week back we shared these and everyone learned about everyone else.  We found out some of us have similar interests, some of us have been to the same places but also, that we all have differences to be celebrated too!