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Home Learning Pictures

I wanted to share some of the pictures from Oak Class pupils at home during this lock down time.  It is lovely to see your faces and that you are keeping busy and continuing your learning.

Please do keep sending them in through the class Blog, email or Classroom Dojo platforms.

Well Done Oak Class!

Keep it up!

More Fantastic Home Activities

More Home Learning up to the 18th May

Greek Long Term Homework

Oak Class's long term Greek Homework was due in the day the schools closed.  Here are photos of what the children did out of those that made it in on that sad day.  They had completed a wide range of tasks and created some amazing mythical creatures, cooked fantastic Greek food and used the Greek alphabet too.  Well done to you all!

Science - Bulb Observation Over Time

The Year Two children each planted a bulb some 10 weeks ago according to conditions described in their own question.  (For example, will it grow without water? Will it grow in the dark?  Will it grow upside down?)

These photos show their latest results before the school had to close.  They have now taken them home to continue observing under different conditions.

Maths Challenges

Mrs Kaynes set some maths problem solving challenges this week.  Some children had to work out how many eggs were in each basket and others had to find different combinations of number cards in envelopes.  We all got to the solutions in the end!

Celebrating Sport Relief

PE - Inclusion - understanding sports without sight

Science - Term 4 Light - sorting the new vocabulary for the topic of Light and Shadow

Science - look how our plant showed how it drinks water - by putting red food colouring in it.

Science - to design your own seed and to consider its method of dispersal.

Design Technology - 3D Printer Stone Age Tools and Jewellery

Here are the results of our 3D printing.  We think they are amazing! 

Design Technology - 3D Printing of Stone Age Tools or Jewellery

Oak Class were very lucky to have a visit from Mr Rushton to support us with a special 3D computer program called Tinker Card.  Prior to the visit, the children had researched, then sketched and designed different Stone Age tools and jewellery.  On the program they had choices of parts to make a 3D design to be printed on a 3D printer.  It was very tricky to do!  Watch this space for photos of the finished products!  A massive thank you to Mr Rushton for giving up so much of his time to make this amazing opportunity possible.

Art and Design - Stone Age Cave Art

Oak Class studied images of Stone Age cave art from around the world, then used chalk and pastels to create their own.  We think they look great!

Stone Age Workshop

This week Oak Class had a visit from one of Heritage Lincolnshire’s Community Archaeologists who taught us all about how the Stone Age and how archaeologists learn about the past.  We investigated Stone Age 'poo' (salt dough) to find out what they ate and which period of the Stone Age they were from.  Then we carved 'stone' (soap) using a wooden stick to find out how hard it was for them to fashion spear heads and axes from flint stone.  It was hard work! 

Tribal Tales Topic - Stonehenge Homework

Over the Christmas holidays Oak Class were tasked with finding out about Stonehenge and then presenting their learning in their own way.  They must have been very busy to produce the amazing homework shown in the pictures below.  We spent time looking at each other's work and asking questions about the different projects.  Really well done Oak Class! 


To find out about what pre history is and how long ago it was, we did a toilet roll time line.  Then we thought about different things we knew that had happened in the last 2020 years and placed them on the first two pieces of toilet roll that represented 1000 years each.  It is amazing to think how much has changed in such a short space of time compared to the Stone Age and the pre history period.

Design Technology - Puppet Making

Oak Class designed then made hand puppets of fictional heroes and villians.  They drew their designs, chose the materials to use, then sewed the two sides together, adding features afterwards.  Don't they look amazing?!

Visit by Imam Patel

To help us with our topic of 'Islam, a Life Journey' we had a visit from Imam Patel of the Lincoln Central Mosque to teach us all about Ramadan and to answer our questions.  We had a really informative session and the children really appreciated hearing about how and why Muslims fast during Ramadan as well as being able to listen to someone with real life experience of going on the special pilgrimage the Hajj.   A massive thank you to Imam Patel.

Science - Ear Gongs

To investigate sound further, Oak Class pupils tested ear gongs.  They tried different thicknesses and lengths of string.  The thin, short string made the loudest sound in their ears.

Science - How Sound Travels

Today Oak investigated how sound travels by using home made telephones with cups and string.  They thought of a question by changing one element, either the cup size, the string length, or the string thickness.  All other variables had to be kept the same.  They measured and recorded the different volume of sound with the different telephones by using log boxes.  The hardest part was keeping the 'speakers' volume the same each time.  Very interesting!

Geography - Fair Trade

Oak Class worked in pairs to debate whether they agreed or disagreed with statements that showed different opinions about fair trade, including the impact it has on both the producer and the consumer. Some very interesting results were then discussed openly with all views respected, particularly if they could provide a reason for their thinking.

Heroes and Villains - Term 2

Oak Class had great fun dressing up as heroes and villains from children's books and completing their fairy tale activity books.  Looking forward to a fantastic learning journey!

End of Topic Celebration

To share all their hard work, Oak parents, carers and family members were invited in to see their learning journeys, the things they have made and find out about the last term's activities.

A massive thank you to you all for the support!  


Muffin Making

To end the topic of Scrumdiddlyumptious, Oak pupils made muffins.  First they reasearched different flavours, then planned which flavour they were going to add.  The muffins were taken home and evaluated by the 'eater' who then reviewed them.  They all looked delicious!

Making Musical Shakers

Oak pupils used an app to design cube or cuboid shaped boxes.  They had to follow criteria including ensuring the back ground was colour, it had to have a piece of fruit on it and it had to be 'thoughtful'.  We then turned them into musical instruments by filling them with rice to make shakers.  They were fun to use as an accompaniment to the Continent Song we have been learning.

Fantascical Fruit

The children of Oak have invented their own fruit.  They had to name it, say where and how it grew, what it's special features were and also design what it looked like.  A bit of science, art and design in one activity!  They then made 3D models of the fruit out of clay.  They look great - I wonder what they would taste like if they were real?  Which one would you eat?

Religious Education - The 5 Pillars of Islam

To begin our learning about the 5 pillars of Islam, the children investigated how to provide 'support'. They were asked to 'support' the basket but at first only given one stick.  Gradually the support increased and 'widened' so they were able to lift the basket.  From this point, we discussed how it is best to have something 'strong' underpinning something in order for it to provide support.

Design Technology - Mr Twit's Beard Pizzas

We have been the Roald Dahl story 'The Twits' and using Roald Dahl's Revolting Recipies as an inspiration, we made pizzas of Mr Twit's face, in particular his beard.  First we investigated the ingredients suitable for making a face and beard on a pizza, then we designed our pizzas.  Finally we made them and took them home to eat.  The next step is to evaluate them and get feedback from the person who ate it. A big thank you to Mrs Bates and Mrs Burton who helped us make them all day long!  

Design Technology - Chocolate Making

Oak Class had amazing fun today making their own chocolate lollies.  They have learned all about where chocolate comes from and how it is produced.  Having tasted different types of chocolate, they then made their own lollies, decorating them to their own 'taste' - in both senses of the word!  A huge thank you to Deborah Hopkins from The Homemade House for providing such a lovely experience.

Art - Scrumdidlyumptious Topic

Oak Class used different art materials to draw still life pictures of different fruit and vegetables, including pastels, sketch pencils and colour pencils.  After the fruit and vegetables were cut, they concentrated on trying to draw the different textures and seeds from the inside.  Along with their fruit and vegetable nonsense poems, we think they made a great display!

Religious Education

Oak Class started their topic about Islam by learning about how they believe in one God.  They made a jigsaw of the word 'Allah' to show the 'oneness' and 'uniqueness' of their one God.

Computing and PSHE

Oak Class used a computer program that creates word art to show their feelings about starting a new year.  Everyone had mixed feelings about being in a new classroom, being in a new class or even being in a  new school.  They chose different shapes and colour patterns to make their art work interesting.

What a fantastic display!

Power Maths

Oak Class have been working really hard in Power Maths and are enjoying completing their new Practice Books.  They have been learning about place value and using lots of equipment to support this.

Oak Class Year 2 'Bags of Me'

Over the summer holidays, the year twos created 'bags of me'.  Inside they put things that represented themselves, such as: things they like doing, places they have been or information about their family, pets and relatives.  On the first week back we shared these and everyone learned about everyone else.  We found out some of us have similar interests, some of us have been to the same places but also, that we all have differences to be celebrated too!