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Viking Bread!


We used a traditional Viking recipe to make bread for our trade fair! We learnt that they didn't have yeast to make the bread rise and would have used flour that they had ground themselves, just like we did at Perlethorpe! We can't wait to taste it covered in honey!

Weaving Friendship Bracelets


We tried our hands at weaving today. We used a cardboard wheel with lots of different coloured threads and had to weave them in a certain way to get the correct pattern! We loved seeing the results as we moved the threads! We can't wait to sell them at our trade fair!

Viking Brooches


We've made traditional Viking brooches ready for our Trade Fair! We used cardboard and glued string in a pattern. Then we covered this in tin foil and decorated the front with typical patterns. 

Rune Stone Clay


Today we have made Rune Stones from clay. We thought about the patterns we had used in printing and everything we had learnt about rune letters to create our round stones. 

Saxon Pattern Printing!


We've started our Innovate tasks this week. First, we explored Saxon and Viking patterns, designing some of our own as well. Then we used polystyrene squares to carve our patterns into. We then printed these onto card ready to make into pictures.