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Learning about electrical circuits

Week 4

Friday 30th September


Today some of us have begun to make our own e-textile wrist bands. These bands are sewn together with conductive thread which is nano plated in silver. The colour changing LED's are powered by a 3 volt cell, which is sewn in place. Poppers will form the switch and ensure that there is a complete circuit.




Monday 26th September


This week is science week for Pine Class.

This afternoon we have been using lasers to find out more about light and how it travels. We also learned that we see things because light travels from light sources to our eyes, or from light sources to objects then to our eyes.


Laser Target Practice

Below are some photographs of us bouncing the light beam from a laser off of mirrors to reach a target.


A periscope is an object that has two mirrors which allows you to see over the top of obstacles.

In class today we made a variety of length periscopes to test out.

Here we are seeing if they worked!

Week 3


This week our learning focus has been on websites and how effective they are. We studied a range of different school website and discussed the good and bad points of each. We then created our own online survey to evaluate our own website. Thank you to all of you who took part.


After this we fed back our findings to Mrs Liley and then had a go at designing our own webpages in pairs on a favourite hobby or subject.


So far we have designed our headers and Logos. Here are a few examples:

Week 2

This week our topic has focussed on Robotics and how technology assists us in our daily lives.

First we looked at a range of images of everyday items such as: camcorders, traffic lights and toasters, as well as more specialist items use in industry such as robotic arms and machines that can help perform keyhole surgery.


Next we decided that we would all like a robot we could programme, so we started to look at algorithms and coding.

We had great fun using our programme to order the numbers 1-9 in the garden. We eventually created and algorithm which would work to order any set of numbers from smallest to greatest.



Human robots- exploring algorithms

Finally on Thursday afternoon we had a go at being computer programmers using a website called which has some fantastic problems to solve using coding. Some of us took to this really well and managed to race through the tasks. tasks