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Willow Class Chicks

We have had a very exciting day in Willow Class today. We had a visit from Joe who works at Rand Farm Park. Joe has brought us 7 chicken eggs and an incubator so we can watch how the eggs will change and fingers crossed in three weeks some chicks will hatch!

We will post daily updates on this page so please keep checking to see our updates!

The chicks have arrived!!

What a great day! After all our waiting we finally have 4 chicks. The first one arrived at 4:30 yesterday afternoon and the rest arrived during the night and first thing this morning. It has been amazing to see the chicks hatching and how quickly they have changed into fluffy chicks! We have all had a gentle stroke and love listening to them all cheeping in their new home.

Check out our pictures and video of when our first chick appeared.


Still image for this video
We are all very excited! It is day 22 but we can see the eggs piping. This means the chicks are ready to come out and have began to lift the shells. We can hear the chicks cheeping and are really hopeful that we will see our chicks at some point today!
We  had to make some big changes to our incubator today in order for us to get ready for the chicks hatching next week. Joe explained to us that we needed to remove the eggs from the spinning tray and place them on some kitchen roll instead. We also needed to fill both sides of the water tray in the incubator up. We noticed how heavy the eggs had become when we moved them. We are very excited to finally meet our chicks next week!

Candling Day

Today was a very exciting day in Willow Class. We very patiently waited for Joe from Rand Farm to come back and see if any of our eggs had any chicks inside them. We wondered how Joe would be able to tell us as we have been looking at the eggs very carefully and have not been able to see any signs of chicks. Joe arrived just after lunch and brought with him a special light which he used to shine on the eggs and we were able to see a chick growing inside. This was very exciting! We had 7 eggs in our incubator and 6 of them have a chick inside so hopefully next week we should have 6 chicks.


Day Six

When we arrived at school this morning we noticed that all the water from inside the incubator had gone! We lifted the lid and carefully refilled the water compartment. Whilst we had the lid removed we took today's photograph. Well done Robyn you took a great photo of our eggs!

Day Four

We have had a good look at the eggs today and have decided that we can definitely see more spots appearing on the shells. We are looking forward to seeing what changes occur over the weekend!

Today's picture was taken by Katy.

Day Three

We needed to top up the water in our incubator today. Mrs Kennedy very carefully lifted the lid and used a pipet to gently fill the water compartment up. The eggs have been happily turning in the incubator and we have now got used to the noise!

Today's picture was taken by Pacey.


Day Two


After careful observations we have decided that the eggs have developed some small spots. We have noticed that the incubator is gently turning the eggs to ensure they are all keeping warm.

Today's photographs were taken by Joshua.


Day one pictures