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Our Space Station Role Play

We worked together to build our own space station role play area.  We used our research photographs from our trip to the National Space Center as inspiration for different control panels and equipment then created our own versions.  We worked together in small groups and pairs to create a small part of our space station then put them together to create the final area.  We even made a helmet and a space toilet. 

Alien Plants 

Oak class took lots of pictures when they went on their science walk around Tattershall to spot local plant and tree varieties and habitats.  We have now investigated special editing applications on Word on the computer and changed some of the photos into 'alien' plants.   We changed the colour, finish and shapes to make them look very strange as if they have come from another planet.  

Paper Plate Planets

We designed then made our own planets using paper plates, paint, modelling sand, grass and gravel. We then designed an object to orbit our planets such as a moon, star, alien or space craft.  We attached them using pins so they actually rotate and orbit our planets. 

Our Starry Night Art Work inspired by Van Gogh

Cosmic Classroom

What a busy week it has been for our Space Topic.  

On Tuesday we joined the Cosmic Classroom and watched Tim Peake live from the International Space Station.  He answered lots of questions and demonstrated how many things are done in space.  As he was talking to us, he was passing over the Atlantic Ocean and Africa.  Our favourite part was when he showed us how to drink water 'bubbles' and also what happens when you put a fizzy tablet into a water bubble in space.  It grew and grew into a fizzing frothing ball that floated about - it was incredible to watch!  

Our Trip to the Space Centre in Leicester 


On Wednesday Oak and Willow classes travelled to the Space Centre in Leicester to find out more about space.  We had a fantastic day.  It all started very early in the morning with the coach leaving school at 8 o'clock - a shock to all!  We saw lots of amazing things and a lot of them we could touch, press, push, go inside or ride on.  Even the sinks in the toilets were alien!  We saw an incredible show in the planetarium which made you feel like you were actually moving.  Mrs Simons felt motion sickness and had to shut her eyes!  The rocket tower was great fun and we really liked it when the rockets smoked and then lit up as if it was going to take off.   We have collected a lot of information to help build our own space station next term. A huge thank you to all the adults for their support all day. 

The children have made a fantastic start to our space topic by completing a space themed homework over the Christmas holidays.  Well done children!  Thank you to the adults for their support too.

Look at the great display it has made in our classroom!

Oak Class Alien Poem