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Volcanic Artwork!


We experimented with different paint styles this week to create our volcanic eruption artwork. Miss Read gave us lots of different equipment, like toothbrushes, sponges, leaf paint brushes and lots more! We then chose our favourite effect to create our artwork! We had written fantastic descriptive poems in English, so we used these to create the base of the volcano! We think they look fantastic!

Earthquake Drill!

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Terror in Pompeii!


We've been reading 'Escape from Pompeii' in our Literacy and we created some freeze frame drama from the moment the volcano erupted! We have loved reading the story and finding facts about this historical eruption!

Roman Town Artwork


We used collage to create our own Roman town in Sycamore this week. We have learnt all about the different buildings that the Ancient Romans would have visited. We used lots of different art materials to create different effects for our buildings. 

Volcano Music


We have created some volcanic music today. We listened to some real volcanic sounds and then used lots of different instruments to recreate the sounds. We then recorded this using different symbols to represent the sounds we created. 

Volcanic Music

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Volcanic Eruption

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Volcanic Music

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Pompeii Artwork


We recreated the body casts from Pompeii and then took photographs to sketch. We had to think about how people would have been positioned when they became frozen in time by the volcanic ash cloud and layers of lava. We created some fantastic sketches of each other's photographs. 

Tsunami Simulation!


We simulated a tsunami this week! We learnt about how they form and the devastation they cause!


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