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Fairytale Storymaps


We created a Storymap for known fairy tales this week in preparation for writing our own. We had to think about the key characters and main parts of the story as we traced down the page.

Ear Gongs


Today, we made ear gongs! We were given the instructions to follow and had to describe what happened when we put our fingers in our ears! We loved the mystery of what might happen, and then we adjusted the length of the string to see what changed! 

Visit to Bramhall Hall


What a lovely afternoon we had visiting the residents of Bramhall Hall! We took our Reading Books and our favourite book to share with the residents. We also made our Christmas cards with them! 

Football Sessions


We had a fantastic PE session with JB Sports this week! We were practising our skills on football! It was lovely to see so much teamwork, perseverance and determination! 

Teach Rex


We were very lucky to be able to take part in one little bit of Willow and Maple's dinosaur workshop! We got to meet Jam the dinosaur and learn a little bit about his life! 

Tellagami Videoes


Today we have used the app Tellagami to present our Education TV Programmes based on how Sound travels. We had to use specific vocabulary, such as vibrations, waves and amplitude within our video to educate others in what we have learnt!

How Sound Travels Tellagami!

Still image for this video

How Sound Travels Tellagami!

Still image for this video

How Sound Travels Tellagami!

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New Wonderland Characters!


We became illustrators this week as we built up to a final piece of artwork. We began by looking at some different images created by illustrators of different characters and looked at the similarities and differences. We then completed little sketches of different parts of a given character. We then designed our own character and used watercolours to add colour and texture. 

Young Girl Disappears!


We've finished our Newspaper Reports and they look fantastic displayed in the classroom! We has taken such pride in these presented pieces of work, with our handwriting and the content of our work! 

Where is the quietest part of the school?


We got to visit other parts of the school this week and measured the volume of sound coming from each part. We used an app which could measure the sound in decibels. We loved visiting other classes and comparing how loud or quiet they were!

Sound Waves


We've started our learning in Science on our topic of Sound this week. We've learnt a little bit more about how sound travels in vibrations. We hit a tuning fork on the side of a desk and watched how water responded to the vibrations. 

Sound Waves in water

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Young Girl Disappears!


We've been learning all about Newspaper Reports this week and we've been building up to write our own based on Alice's mysterious disappearance down a rabbit hole! We had to examine the evidence and use some reporter sentence starters to help to keep us in the style of a Newspaper Journalist!