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  • I loved the volcano poem and artwork.
  • My favourite part was when we wrote a diary entry for Mount Vesuvius
  • I liked using Google maps because it gave you more knowledge, accuracy and discovering new places.
  • I enjoyed finding out about fossils.
  • The painting of the volcano was the best part because I love to paint.
  • I enjoyed making the rock sculptures in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.
  • I loved tremors, especially when we did our earthquake posters and took part in an earthquake drill!
  • I liked learning about the different types of rocks!
  • I really liked making Earthquake posters because I like drawing and writing.
  • I liked making the stone sculptures because I thought I could make everyone go WOW!
  • I liked visiting the Quarry to see how we mine stone and because I am very interested in fossils.
  • I liked watching videos of volcanoes erupting!