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New activities added for Term Six and the summer 

Clay Mini Beasts

Oak Class pupils made clay mini beasts.  We had to bash the clay to remove the air, then warm it up to make it more malleable and easier to mould then we made as much of our beast as possible out of one piece of clay by pulling and shaping the parts.  This meant we had less parts to stick together using the slip (water) so hopefully we will have less breakages!  Take a look at our fantastic work in the photos below. 

Snake Skin 

We were very kindly given a snake skin to look at this week.  It was very long and complete.  We could tell the position of the eyes and also noticed that the shape of the scales was different on the top of its body, (where they were more hexagonal) compared to underneath (where they were more rectangular).  It was fascinating!  We would love to know what kind of snake it was.

Ising Pop rehearsals smileyno

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