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Week 14: Week beg: 13.07.2020



This week, the children will be learning all about the creatures of the DEEP. They will be learning about Bioluminescent creatures of the dark zones of the oceans. 

Explorify - Odd One Out

Photography Competition


Mrs Addison has invited us to take part in a competition this week to take part in a photography competition titled 'Our Changing World.'


If you would like to take part, look at the poster and use the link below to get some more information! 


Once you have taken your photo, please email it to either the class email, or to Mrs Addison at

or enter yourselves online by following the link below. 


Remember, this is a competition, you could be in with the chance to win £500!



This week, the children need to write a poem based on their experiences of the Seaside! 


This might have been something you have done during lockdown, or a memories from previous summers that the children can draw on their own experiences. 


Use the Parent Teaching Notes to support you in guiding your child through this task. 


It will also be useful for them to listen to the chapters from the Malamander being read on Class Dojo stories!



This week's reading task involves dissecting a song again! This time, it is Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid. 


Follow the YouTube link to watch the video. Print the Powerpoint as a 3 slide handout, then you get the lines on the right hand side to answer the questions. Or alternatively, write the answers into your exercise book!




This week, the children will continue their work on Position and Direction using shapes on a grid, but thinking about the direction objects can move in. 


They will need to know their compass points and confidently use the following vocabulary to describe the direction and object moves in:

  • left/right
  • up/down
  • diagonal
  • horizontal/vertical
  • clockwise/anti-clockwise
  • North/East/South/West


There are two lessons from the Oak Class Academy, which you can do digitally. I've also attached a teaching powerpoint and some activities that the children can complete, as well as some interactive games. As always, Sumdog will have a challenge. Only Year 4 have some Power Maths pages to complete this week! 

Power Maths Book C - Pages 138 - 143

You could also download the BeeBot App for Free on Apple Devices. This supports the children in programming a robot to follow specific directions. 


Blue Peter Badges


During this strange and abnormal time, you have all been fantastic and completed some amazing pieces of learning at home. You have adapted to this new normal so well, and I am super proud of everything you have achieved!


Thinking about this, it might be worth you applying for one of the Blue Peter badges as we come to the end of this Summer Term. 


There are so many different Blue Peter badges, so Blue Peter has made this page to show how you could get your hands on one! Can you collect them all?


Follow the link to a list of all the Blue Peter badges you can apply for. Please note that the application process for each badge is different, so click on the link under each badge to get instructions on how to earn that badge.



These tasks will help children understand and explore what wellbeing is, how kindness to others and self-kindness impacts wellbeing and the positive impact support networks have on wellbeing. Use the individual activities and times of reflection and to help children to reflect on their own wellbeing, how kind they are to themselves, how kind they are to others, how to show self-gratitude, how to plan for the future in a positive way and how to reach out to their support network.