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Memory Box

Week 5

A lovely sunny day to end our busy week. Well done to Aaron and Laila who received Friday mentions today. Poppy received our good citizen award because Mrs Simons noticed how kind she was to another child.


This week we have been using positional language. We began by following directions and moving our bodies in different ways. It was great fun to be robots and move around the hall!


We carried on thinking about positional language and decided to have a maths treasure hunt. We had to solve the maths questions and then follow the directional clues. It was great fun especially when we found our treasure!


This week in English lessons we have been writing about toys from the past. Mrs Addison very kindly brought us some toys from the past to have a look at. We then thought about how toys had changed and used adjectives to describe them.


We did another great investigation this week looking at how well we can remember. We did three activities one with words one with numbers and one with pictures. We had to look at them for one minute and then write down as many as we could. It was great fun but also very tricky.

Week 4

Friday mention assembly was very busy today with lots of children receiving certificates. Jasmine received a Friday mention for her fantastic learning in all areas and her lovely friendship skills helping others in the class. Charlie received a Friday mention for his super disco dance moves during our dance themed physical education lesson. This week we have two good citizens! Mrs Liley noticed what a great role model Max was during assembly and Holly received the second badge for showing respect for visitors in school. Well done everyone!


Our lessons this week have focused on doubling and halving. We have been investigating what we need to do to a number for it to be doubled and thinking about which operation to use in our number sentence. We have been using equipment but also mental strategies to help us find the answers.

We have also been investigating what we need to do to find halves of different amounts. We have looked carefully at the different operation we need to use and how the number gets smaller when it is halved. We learnt that when we divide the groups they have to be equal and so had to check really carefully that we were sharing into the right group.
We then wanted to practise our doubling and halving skills in different ways so played a busy bees board game where we needed to solve the double and half questions to get back to the beehive. We ended the week with word problems which focused on finding doubles and halves. A super maths week!


This week we have been thinking about ways we remember. We began the week by playing a game of spot the difference. This was really fun because we took it in turns to go out of the classroom and change something about ourselves. Everyone else then had to work out what had changed. We then thought about rhymes and how they can help us to learn different things. We learnt a rhyme to help us remember how many days are in each month.


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We learnt more about mnemonics and how they could help us to spell tricky words. We had a go at creating our own mnemonics and used ICT to produce them. For independent writing this week we wrote a set of instructions for Maple class so they could have a turn at writing a mnemonic. We did really well remembering the key features of instructions.


To make our mnemonics look great we produced them using ICT. We typed our mnemonic and then changed the font, colour and size so they looked just right. We then saved them so we can look at them again another time. We worked with our friends and helped each other on the laptops as some of the things are very tricky to remember.


This week we did an investigation into what our hands can do. We thought about our different senses and how our bodies can do incredible things. We had four activities that we needed to complete which were ordering water bottles which contained water of different temperatures, feeling an object on a tray and working out what it might be, feeling an object to see if we could work out what colour it was and ordering different lengths of straws. The only problem was we had to wear a blindfold! We all helped each other and talked about how we needed to trust our friends to help us and keep us safe. We had great fun carrying out this investigation and realised just how important our sense of touch is! We did discover that touch alone cannot tell us what colour something is we need to use other parts of our body too.


A big thank you to Jessica for bringing into school some coins that were used many years ago. We looked at the coins and compared them to the coins we used today. We worked out what the coins would be worth if we tried to use them today.

Planetarium visit

On Tuesday we had a very special visitor in school. He brought with his a huge silver dome! We very carefully crawled into the dome to discover it was like been outside at night. We learnt all about the difference between day and night and what some of the stars in the sky are called. It was a fantastic experience!

Week 3

We had a great Friday mention assembly today. Holly and Toby received Friday mentions for their fantastic improvement in writing. Jasmine has a piece of maths work on our maths celebration wall and Toby is sharing his great writing on the writing celebration wall. This week our good citizen is Dylan. Several members of staff have noticed what good manners Dylan has. Well done everyone!



This week in maths we have been learning more about word problems. We began the week reading through different word problems and how we could work out which information we needed to solve the problem. We then moved on to looking at addition and subtraction word problems and created number sentences so we could find the answer. As a special treat because we had worked so hard all week on Friday we used the maths apps on the I pads to practise our maths skills.


We started off this week thinking about the memories we had from the weekend. We thought about things that were special in our minds and told them to our friends. We then wrote them down thinking carefully about capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. We have also started to use connectives in our writing to help us connect our ideas together. This week we have focused on using and in our writing. We then moved on to sequencing Goldilocks and the three bears. We really like this story and really enjoyed finding the beginning, middle and end using image cards. We continued this work by writing character descriptions of our favourite character and for independent writing this week we wrote a diary entry as if we were that character!


As our topic is helping us to think about things that have happened in our past this week we decided to learn more out about how transport has changed. With a little bit of help from magic Grandpa who told us about things 100 years ago we learnt more about life before the car. We then created a timeline showing when different types of transport were invented.


This week in science we focussed on asking questions. We looked at different images from the different seasons and thought about some questions we would like to know. Dylan thought of a super question to try and find more information out about why it gets dark. We are hoping to find out the answer when we go into the planetarium next week.

Religious Education

As part of our learning this term we are thinking more about belonging to a Christian community and celebrations a Christian might take part in. We discovered that church is an important place and so wanted to find out more about our local ones. Reverent Margaret very kindly offered to show us around St Michaels Church in Coningsby. We learnt lots of things about the church and Mrs Hawkins even played the organ for us!


We love singing in Willow class and have discovered that singing can also help us to remember things! On Friday we used our music lesson to learn some songs that had a secret message. We thought about the shape and melody of the songs and sang in rounds. We had great fun sing the alphabet song, I can sing a rainbow and inchworm. We hope you enjoy our singing!


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Still image for this video

Week 2

A great full week back at school! A big congratulations to Jasmine and Lexi who both received Friday mentions today. This week our good citizen is Miah.




This week in maths we have been using a number line. We have been looking at addition and subtraction sentences and learning how a number line can help us to solve the sentences.

We have also been looking at the value of numbers and thinking about what to do if a sentence includes a 0. This was a little tricky to begin with but we have really got the hang of it now!


Our lessons began in a very exciting way this week with a very special visitor. Baby Felix and his mummy Kerry came to see us so that we could ask her all our questions about taking care of a baby. We really enjoyed playing with Felix and learning more about babies.

We then began to think about things we do on a daily basis. We sequenced some different images to show different things we might do in a day before creating our own daily routine story board. It was really fun to think of the things we do every day and write about them. We included connectives in our writing so we could join our routines together.


This week we have been learning more about our senses. We have been looking at what we can do with each of our senses and which of our body parts helps us to do it. We have discussed what it might be like if we didn't have one of our senses and what things we might need to do differently.

Design Technology

As part of our memory box topic we have been learning more about different celebrations. We decided that we would like to design a celebration card for a celebration that we thought was important to us. We thought about the words we would like to use and the different collage materials we could use to make our cards look fantastic!

Physical Education

As part of our dance topic in PE this week we looked at Bollywood dancing. It was fantastic to learn how we could move our hands in different ways to create different shapes. The music was really fast and we really enjoyed it.

Week 1

We have all enjoyed a great first week back at school. Zack received a Friday mention for his super independent maths work and Jessica for settling into our class so well. We look forward to lots more celebrations this term.



We began the week with a number hunt. Each team was given a mission to find the hidden different coloured numbers and order them on their table. We had to remember what colour our team was and only choose those numbers!

We have been using objects to create numbers and practised writing one and two digit numbers correctly. We made blocks of 10's so it was easier to count them up. This was a great way for us to practise counting in multiples of 10.
We finished of the week with an introduction to number lines. We used them to answer more than and less than sentences. We really enjoyed jumping backwards and forwards on the number line.


We began our lessons this week by thinking about some historical things we already knew. We then thought about some things we would like to find out more about and different ways we would like to learn.

Next week we are having a very special visitor and so we needed to send Baby Felix and his mummy a special invitation. We looked at the key features of instructions and then created our own invitation for Kerry and baby Felix. We ended the week looking at how to create a question. We thought about words we could use at the beginning and the different punctuation marks we needed to use. We are very excited for our visitor next week.


This week we looked at pictures of babies, toddlers, children, adults and elderly people. We talked about how we change as we grow up. We thought about developmental and physical changes. We decided we would like to think of things that we can and can't do at the different stages in our lives. Some of our ideas were funny!


We wanted to remember things from our living memory so decided to think about the toys we used to like when we were babies and compared them to the toys we like now. We discovered when we were babies we didn't need electrical toys but now they were essential items!

Guess the baby wall

We have got a fantastic guess the baby wall in the classroom. We have really enjoyed looking at the different baby pictures and guessing who they might be. There is still time for you to bring a photo in if you have not already done so. We are going to have a competition to see who can guess the most babies.

Home learning

The classroom has been transformed by all the amazing home learning that has arrived after the holidays. The children have loved talking about their timelines and showing their pictures to their friends. It is clear a lot of time and effort was taken over these pieces. Thank you for supporting your child with their learning.

Happy New Year

I hope you have all had a fantastic Christmas break and are ready for our new topic Memory Box. This term we are going to be looking back in time to see how things have changed and predict what might happen in the future. We are going to be focusing on how we change, how toys have changed and how transport has changed. At the end of the topic we are going to create our own memory box to treasure in years to come.

Please check this page regularly to see all the exciting things we are doing in school.