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Continuous Provision

Super Heroes 

The children investigated which materials were magnetic in order to rescue the figures from the bottom of the pit.  They found out that not all metals are magnetic! 

Worry Dolls

Following reading the story Silly Billy by Anthony Browne, the children in Willow made their own worry dolls to tell their worries to before going to bed, so they don't need to worry in the night.  So far, unlike the story, they have not made worry dolls for their worry dolls!! laugh



This week, as part of investigating materials in science, the Willow pupils were challenged to build a bridge out of 5 sheets of newspaper, it had to span 30 cm and they were not allowed scissors or sticky tape.  The bridge had to hold the 3 Billy Goats Gruff safely.  

We have also been practicing writing our numbers correctly as we have been writing them back to front.  

Some pupils constructed a farm building too.