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Our Learning promise

PE- JB Sports

This term we are working on improving our striking and fielding skills. So far we have been learning how to improve our aim when bowling and have learned how to make a long barrier to aid our fielding skills. We are now developing our batting techniques.


In our class PE sessions this term we have been learning about map symbols and reading maps.


On the first week we created an imaginary island and used PE equipment to represent different land features such as caves, mountains and lakes.


The following week we played a relay game in teams matching symbols to their meanings. We then used a 4 by 4 grid and followed routes that were drawn out, giving directions to our team mates.



Maths Week 3

This week we have been working on revising and developing our understanding of addition and subtraction. To ensure we had a good understanding of the method of exchanging we used equipment. 


In English we have been working on descriptive writing by looking at a short story called The Tin Forest. We learned how to create expanded noun phrases by using powerful adjectives to describe nouns. We also used similes and powerful verbs and adverbs to create vivid descriptions of the old man and the setting in our retellings.


Below is an example of our work.

Science Week 4 Shadows

In Science today we have been learning about shadows and how they change. We remembered that shadows can only be created when there is a light source and an opaque object that is blocking the light rays.


During the day the Earth orbits around the Sun, making it look like the Sun is rising in the east and setting in the west. At the start and end of the day our shadows appear longer as the Sun is lower in the sky. At midday, when the Sun is highest in the sky our shadows are much shorter.



Music Week 5- Samba Drumming

Today we had our first Samba drumming lesson. We learned 4 different rhythms that we layered over each other.

We learned the names of all the instruments we would be using in our lessons this term. They were Surdo drums, ganzas, tamborims and agogo bells. Can you remember which one is which?

Live Music Experience 15th October


Today we were really lucky to have 2 teachers from the Lincolnshire Music Service come to visit us. We were able to see and hear a good variety of instruments and listen to some lovely live music. We heard folk music, jazz and even some famous film theme tunes from Star Wars.


The class were able to display a good knowledge of how the instruments were played and how different sized instruments, for example the violin, viola and cello ranged in pitch.

This Term's achievements!

Usually at the end of each term parents are invited into class to share our successes.


As you are unable to come and visit us at present, here are some examples of our work and classroom displays this term. Hopefully, at the start of next term I will send your child's learning journeys home for you to look at and give comments on.