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31 01 22 Home Learning


We are working towards writing an information report on a rainforest animal. 

Please pick one animal from the power point below.  

There is some information about it on the notes part underneath.

Please write 3 present tense sentences using the following 3 verbs:   have    live   eat   

You may choose to write it in the third person plural   e.g.  Sloths have... 

Or you can write it in the third person singular   e.g.   A sloth has ... 

You could post your sentences to the Portfolio on Dojo if you would like me to read them. 


Using the document below, sort the trees into deciduous and evergreen. 

You could draw a table with two columns, one for each, then draw the tree/leaf/fruit or write it's name under the correct heading.  Or, you could print smaller versions of the slides and cut and stick them in to the correct column. 

If you want to remind yourself of the two different types of tree, look at the folder for Home Learning 10 01 22 and there is a link to a lesson.