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W/C 06.09.21

This term we are looking at 'ourselves'. 'What makes me special?' I would like you to create a picture of yourself using the body outline worksheet. You can be creative as you like, using wool for your hair and even adding wobbly eyes. I would then like you to write sentences about yourself. For example you could tell me who is in your family, what your favourite food is and what you like doing. 

All about me

I would like you to watch and listen to the story of the colour monster. Using the colour monster template, I would like you to design your own colour monster and tell me what emotion the monster is showing and what makes the monster feel this way.

For Maths this week, I would like you to practice writing your numbers, and then order your numbers from 0-20.

Could you play a board game with a family member, ensuring you take it in turns moving around the board.

Throughout the week could you complete the activities shown in the videos below. The focus is numbers to 10.


Please use different counting objects to support learning. You will need at least 10 counting objects. You could use lego bricks, pasta, wooden blocks. Anything that can be moved and counted.


Monday-Sorting objects.

Tuesday-Count objects to 10.

Wednesday-Count objects from a group of 10.

Thursday-Represent objects.

Make sure you get some fresh air out in the garden whilst the weather is nice. You could even use props in the garden to make your own obsticle course.