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Go Team GB! 


Today we we wrote inspirational and motivational messages for Team GB! Stayed tuned for more on this...we have an exciting project up our sleeves! 

Olympic Athletics


We worked hard in our PE lessons this week on our sprinting! We practised our starting positions and had a go at the relay races! I think we were faster that Usain Bolt! 



We researched all things Rio today and designed our own collages to represent the city! 

‚ÄčAncient or Modern?


‚ÄčToday we learn more about the Olympics. We used a KWL grid to think about questions we would like to find the answers to! We used the iPads to find the answers. Then we sorted some facts into which we thought were about the modern games and which were about the ancient games. Some were both and some were neither! However, we learnt that an application has been put in to make Chess an Olympic sport in 2020!