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To carry on with our Ancient Egyptian History Project, we are going to look at how the Egyptians built their Pyramids!  No one knows for sure, but we can have a good guess by what historians have discover. Follow the link below and watch the video about what the pyramids were built for and how they did it.


Ok, now you have watched this I have a fun activity for you. For this you can use Lego, blocks, toy bricks or (my personal favourite) Biscuits! (But not the round kind).

See if you can build a pyramid using these materials. Why not give yourself an extra challenge… You have to move and place your blocks without touching them with your hands! You can use sticks or pencils to lever them into place, or tie string around them to pull and lift. How much harder is it now? Imagine your blocks were much bigger and heavier, how much harder would it be?


Don’t forget to send me pictures of your Pyramids.