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Week 5: Week beg: 04.05.2020

Home Learning Week 5!


Wow! I actually cannot believe that it is Week 5! 


Thank you to everyone for sending in your fantastic work via email, Twitter and Dojo. It's wonderful to see all of your amazing work and just how well you are all doing. 


Keep up your fantastic work, and don't forget to drop me a message with any questions or queries. I'm happy to help!

VE Day


On Friday 8 May 2020 Britain will be commemorating the 75th anniversary of VE Day when the guns fell silent at the end of war in Europe.


In school, we would have had numerous activities to educate the children on this important moment in history, as well as celebrate too! 


I have attached a number of optional activities for you, as well as a link to the BBC Radio Lincolnshire campaign of Great British Bunting, which the Love Tattershall Group have promoted! 


Feel free to send through these activities too!



The Digestive System!


All the tasks below relate to learning on the Digestive System! The children need to understand and be aware of the journey their food takes through their body and the jobs some of the organs have to digest food in their body. 


This will help the children in their English Work next week where they will be writing an Explanation Text about the Digestive System. 



Have a go at this Digestive System Practical Demonstration!



This week, we have been selected to take part in a county-wide, virtual Athletics competition! This is a fantastic opportunity for some competitive sport, and staying active during lockdown! 


For this competition the children will need to complete the 5 athletics events, keeping a record of their best scores on their score sheet (this is also in the attached document). To enter the event you will need to click on the entry form link in the document, this is attached below. From here you will input some information so that we know which school you attend and then attach a link to your score sheet. The document contains QR code links to the relevant documents (you might need to use a QR reader app such as Inigma or QR Reader.)


You can also tweet @CGSOutreach when you have submitted your entry (and us as well!) 


Good Luck!



This week, the children will be looking at 2D shapes and Angles. This topic involves lots of new vocabulary, and lots of words to use to describe different shapes. Children need to know what they mean and use them appropriately to describe different shapes. 


Please read the Parent Teaching Notes first, as this will support you in helping your child with the activities. Remember, please don't feel like you have to complete every activity. I have put a selection on their for lots of different learning styles. Choose the tasks that you feel suit your child at that particular time. 


As always, there is also a Sumdog Challenge involving the skills of the week. 



On Friday 1st May, we were meant to be taking part in the Book's Trust Pyjamarama 2020 Day!


To celebrate the bedtime story and reading together, this year's Pyjamarama will be a day when families across the country can join in a festival of story-filled fun at home.


 I've attached a link to loads of activities and events for children to take part in – the only requirement is that they're done in pyjamas! To make things even more fun, they’ve got PJ Masks, Horrid Henry and Tracy Beaker on board! 


Follow the link below to download any of the activities to complete! Choose a day this week to snuggle down, share stories together in your PJs, maybe even a hot chocolate or two!


You can even share your activities and photos with Sycamore's Twitter Page, or tweeting @BookTrust using the hashtag #pyjamarama



This week, the children will be continuing with their work on the Demon Dentist and using suspense techniques to write their own story!


If you are reading The Demon Dentist yourselves at home (which I know some of you are!) Brilliant! If not, do not worry, I will share the extracts you will need for your learning.


Audible on Amazon is currently free for 30 days, and you can access the audiobook for FREE during that time.






Group 1, 2, 3












Mrs Bates/Mrs Simons/Mrs Hockley’s Group













Follow the link below to the iSingPop YouTube channel where, every Friday at 11.30am, they will be going live with a show for you all! There might be songs that you know on there from Collective Worship, or maybe new ones with new routines to learn! These will also be available on their YouTube channel after the event!

Word of the Week - Tantalising