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Term 5 - Animals Including Humans

We have started this terms learning by looking at the different types of teeth and their functions.

What happens to our teeth when we drink different drinks?

Oak were given some different resources and asked to think of questions we could investigate. They had coke, orange juice, squash, milk and water, cups and eggs. We decided the egg shells represented the enamel of our teeth so we decided to investigate the effects of different drinks! We discovered that the worst drink to have was actually orange juice and squash. There was no effect from the milk or water. We decided that the best drinks to have would be water and milk and to prevent tooth decay we need to brush twice a day for two minutes!

Making the digestive system!

To start our learning on the digestive system we made it out of junk modelling! We used toilet roll holders for the oesophagus, string for small intestines and balloons for our stomachs!

Oak have continued their learning of the digestive system by investigating what happens to our food after we have eaten it and the journey it takes from start to end!

British Science Week! Dissecting Owl Pellets!

Creating our own Classification Keys

Exploring the living things in our own local environment

Creating a fair test investigation seeing how volume changes over distance!

Investigating how to change the pitch of sounds

Exploring how sounds are made