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Term 1 Week beginning 21st September Home Learning


Please see the links below for: 

Year 3 reading unit around the text The Suitcase Kid by Jacqueline Wilson.  Please complete the To Engage With a Text unit. 


Year 2 Listen and Respond activity about The Unlucky Man.


For reading for pleasure, please see the link to the National Geographic Kids web page where there is lots of different articles to read, including one with 15 facts about Sir David Attenborough. 

English Writing Activity - write about what you know, what you think you know, a description of what you see and a question you would ask


Love to Investigate - What can our hands do?


Children use their hands to do a series of activities that help them discover what they can do with their sense of touch.


Our sense of touch allows us to work out the size, temperature, texture, weight and number of objects. We cannot identify colours with our hands.

key vocabulary:  sense skin temperature texture touch weight

Explaining the investigation

Explain to the children that they will do a series of activities blindfolded/with eyes shut.

Children to record their results in the table document below

  1. Sort different items into rough and smooth then count how many of each there are. – different items including stones/marbles/fossils/pebbles/materials/sand paper/
  2. Identify a mystery object wearing rubber gloves and then with bare hands.  – e.g. rubber or Starburst fruit chews
  3. Sort weights from lightest to heaviest. – a range of weights
  4. Sort straws of different length into size order, longest first. – plastic straws x 4 cut
  5. Identify the colour of different objects.  – all children – colour cubes or Lego / Duplo


Ask the children to:

record if they were successful at each activity

discuss and list which properties they were comparing in each test, such as number, texture, size, temperature, colour or weight

identify the properties on the list that they could compare using their sense of touch, which sense they needed to complete the activities that didn't use their sense of touch.

Concluding and reflecting

Discuss the investigation with the children and ask them to reflect on what they found out. How important is their sense of touch? Ask them to choose their favourite activities and think about what other tasks they could do to test their sense of touch.



What sense have you been testing?

What can our skin feel?

Which properties could you identify using your sense of touch? Which tests could you not do? Did these tests rely on a different sense?

How important are your senses? Which is the most important?

How well did you do during the investigation and what skills could you get better at?

Could you repeat the activities with your feet?

Art and Design - Funny Faces Project

Look at the ppt. below.

Invite your child to describe what they can see, including reference to the use of colour and composition.

Ask them to explain how the portraits are similar or different to each other and pick out special features such as unusual placement of facial features or expressions.

Choose a picture and use coloured paints, pencils or pastels to draw a version.

Encourage them to talk about their work as it progresses and share their finished pieces.

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Art and Design - Portraits