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Educational Visits

What a fantastic day we have had today at Rand Farm Park. We started the day on the adventure playground we had great fun on the jumping kangaroos and swings.

We went into the hatchery and saw some eggs in a much larger incubator and some eggs that were beginning to hatch just like ours did. We also saw chickens at different ages it was really interesting to see how they change and grow.

Next we headed to the small creature enclosure in here we learnt all about tortoises, chinchillas, parrots and ferrets. It was really interesting to find out what different things they liked to eat.

Then we moved onto the handling area. In here we learnt all about how to care for guinea pigs and we even  got to hold some. They were very fluffy and made lots of squeaking noises.

We learnt that some of the mother animals do not have enough milk to look after their young and so we needed to help. We bottle fed lambs, calves and a kid. We were really surprised how strong the baby animals were and how much they loved their milk!

After lunch we went on a tractor ride. During our ride we saw lots of cows laying down. Joe from Rand Farm Park said that some people believe when cows lay down it is going to rain and suddenly it did. We got quite wet on our journey back to the farm but it was still great fun seeing all the different animals in the fields.

We decided that we would like to find out more about how weather can help us to make things. We thought about lots of different types of weather and decided we would like to know more about how wind can help us make different things. Along with Oak class we had a great day at Heckington Mill and learnt lots of great things about windmills. Piglet really enjoyed learning how to make bread but found the grinding really hard work!