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Week 12 beginning 29th June

Food and Farming Day - Friday 3rd July

Click on the link below to go to the sub page with all the information and lots of lovely activities linked to Food and Farming Day which is being celebrated on Friday 3rd July 2020.


The Food and Farming Day will be hosted on as well as being posted across Instagram (@kidscountryuk), twitter (@KidsCountryUK), and Facebook (Kids Country UK).


The event is free to access and will be live from 9.30am to 11.30am

Two Exciting Competitions from The Royal Society of Biology

Royal Society of Biology Competitions

Do you like drawing?   

This is the web link for further details about the drawing competition for 7 – 11 year olds. It closes  on the 31st July, 2020.    Winners receive art equipment and £25.  Below is a power point that was designed to introduce the competition and and a pdf. document of the competition details. 


 Do you like photography?  

This is a web link for the photography competition for Young Photographer Year - under 18s.  The title of the competition is Our Changing World and the top prize is £500.   This competion closes on the 24th July, 2020. Below is the pdf. document of the competition poster.


Please contact Mrs Addison if you have any queries.

Please read the terms and conditions for entries on the websites.


Click on the image to enlarge for more details of the competitions

English - Letters to The Earth



This week's English writing task comes from the Primary Science Teaching Trust (PSTT).  Please read the information below about the task.  If you would like any further assistance please contact Mrs Addison on:   or through Classroom Dojo.

Please feel free to write a letter, but keep it to yourself too if you don't want to share. smiley

Please see the insert below with weblink and the pdf. document below.


PSTT is delighted to be working with the Letters to the Earth team and Harper Collins publishers.

Letters to the Earth is a collection of letters and poems that express human feelings about the climate crisis. In the book there are letters from children, parents, artists, actors, poets, politicians, songwriters and scientists.

We would like your children to add their voices to the collection. By submitting your child’s letter (using the upload your letter tab on the website ), their letter will be considered for publication in an upcoming PSTT newsletter or for inclusion in a future Harper Collins Letters to the Earth publication or project.

The climate science section of our Why and How? Newsletter Summer 2020 includes a selection of the Letters to the Earth along with some questions and ideas about how to interpret and enjoy them. We also include a series of activities and suggestions to support children with writing their own letters.  (Please see the pdf. document below.)


Whatever your child wants to write about is welcome. It could be a letter, poem, song, postcard or a picture. The letter could be written to the Earth or from the Earth, to future or past generations, to adults who have the power to make important decisions, to ordinary people or to other species (animals or plants). It could be written as a human or perhaps from the point of view of a bee, bird, beech tree or another species.

More details about the book and a video can be found on:


Closing date for submission of letters is 31st August 2020.


Letters To Earth supporting document

Reading Activities

Some different activities this week and also a link to the National Geographic Kids Magazine, which is always a good read. smiley



Well done Oak Class, keep up with the reading!

Story Time

Follow the link below to find a selection of stories by Julia Donaldson, read by a variety of people.

Every Thursday at 4pm a new one is read.  

13 different stories so far!


This week there are the Power Maths activities, the Summer Home Edition activities and some consolidation activities as well. 


The following website has lots of videos and maths activities to support different topics, including fractions for Year 3 and length and mass for Year 2.  Well worth a look!   


If you have the Power Maths practice books at home then please do the units below depending on which year group you have.  

Remember you can access the power maths text books online using the links below in order to introduce each activity.   (You may need to agree to the terms and conditions again)


Year 2 - Spring Text Book C - Unit 14 - Capacity (volume) - Lessons 5 - 8  

Further support for Year 2 maths, including videos to explain concepts, can be found on the White Rose Maths Home learning website, see link below:   Summer term week 10 commencing 29th June lesson 3 and 4 are capacity linked.


Year 3 - Spring Text Book C - Unit 13 - Unit 14 Capacity - Lessons 5 - 6 then the end of unit check using the word document below. 


If either of these units are tricky because of weighing or volume equipment please try the Summer Home Edition or the Consolidation activities below instead.


Also available on the links are the Summer Maths Home Edition versions of Power Maths with different units each week.  The online resource includes the introduction slides and the pupil practice questions.  I have again prepared the questions on word documents below for ease of use.


Year 2 Summer Maths Home Edition - Week 7 - Length and Mass (weight)

Year 3 Summer Maths Home Edition - Week 7 - Angles and Turns


Link to Year 2 Resources  


Link to Year 3 Resources

Science - Crest Multi Pack of Activities

 A super set of science  investigations for you to do at home. 

Take a look and pick an activity you like the sound of (or have the equipment for). 

You could do more than one, or save some you like for the weeks to come.

There is a set for 5 - 7 years old and one for 7 - 11 years old, however with adult support and guidance these are not set in stone.

Each has a Star Passport to track your progress through the activities.

Have Fun! laugh