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What should the Small Boy do?


Today we got to the end of the story of Lost and Found and the Small Boy had a dilemma on his hands! What does he do with the penguin? Should he leave him in the South Pole or take him back home with him? We made a conscience corridor to make our decisions! 

Penguin Hot Seating


Today we have looked in more detail at the character of the Penguin. We hot-seated the Penguin and tried to discover more about where he came from and why he decided to leave the South Pole. We then wrote letters back to the South Pole from the Penguin and thought more about what he might be thinking. 

Today in Literacy, we have been revising how to use speech punctuation correctly. We use the five finger rule to make sure we have remembered all the key parts! Test one of us if you see us!

We have started to look at Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers in Literacy. First of all, we looked at the opening and then met the penguin, who had arrived on the small island. We wrote newspaper reports about the event and made found posters for the penguin. 

Crazy Conjunctions!


‚ÄčThis week, we have been learning about compound sentences and using conjunctions to extend sentences. We used FANBOYS coordinating conjunctions to improve our sentences. We used jigsaw pieces to join simple sentences together! Manny Table used the cave scene to create their sentence first and then write a compound sentence to go with it! 

Setting the Scene...


This week in Literacy, we have been focusing on setting descriptions. Today we worked on some drama where we had to create freeze frames to show a particular setting as a group and then as a class. Can you guess where some of our action is taking place?

We have been looking this week at using adjectives and similes to describe a character. For our extended writing, we will describe the characters of Manny and Sid from our work this week. Sid group used the Skitch app to create character profiles on Manny.

Ice Age!


Because our topic is Exploring Ancient Worlds, we have used Ice Age to help us with our Literacy work. This week, we have been looking at different types of words including nouns, verbs and adjectives. We have also been making sure that we always correctly punctuate our sentences, by using full stops and capital letters. We have even made our own actions to make sure we remember them! 

We also want to make sure we use the most exciting vocabulary, we don't want to bore our readers! Diego and Carl and Frank tables made some brilliant word clouds to show different adjectives that we can use for some of the boring ones!