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Autumn 2 - Misty Mountain, Winding River

Week 1


This week so far, we have learnt about the features of a river and what the vocabulary means. Some of it is quite tricky but we will get lots of practise at it.


We have also learnt about the water cycle. We have set up a water cycle model in the classroom to see what happens. We predicted that the water will heat up and some of it will evaporate. We predict we will be able to see this on the sides and the cling film top as it begins to condense. We predict that the weight on the cling film will make a slope where the condensation will run to and then we will have precipitation in to the glass at the bottom. We are looking forward to seeing if we are correct!

We also enjoyed practising our dribbling skills with Mr. Brown 

Week 2


This week we have been writing our explanation texts about the water cycle. They are looking amazing and I will post some photos of the next week.


In science we planned and carried out an investigation to find out if the temperature of the water affects how quickly the water evaporates. We didn't find any difference. We thought about why that might be and wondered if the hot water cooled down too quickly as it was near the window. 


We have also been learning more about rivers and in particular about erosion, transportation and deposition.