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Welcome to Pine Class!


Welcome back to the last term of the school year and a new topic 'Revolution' based on the Victorians. In this topic we will be learning all about the Industrial Revolution, what life was like for rich and poor children and the life of Queen Victoria.


We will be going on a visit to Perlethorpe to spend the day in a Victorian school and learn games that children played in the past.


Spring Term

This term we are going to embark on a magical journey to Alchemy Island!

Can you find the golden treasure hidden deep within the island's mysterious landscape? You will need to study maps and unravel a riddle to begin your adventure.


On your journey you must find out all you can about the precious metal- gold. Only then will you be able to master the ancient art of alchemy.


Get your bags packed and let the journey begin...


Autumn Term

Welcome back! We hope you and your families all had a great summer.

This term our topic is called 'Tomorrow's World' where we will be learning more about computing through sending text messages, emails, designing websites, writing blogs and learning about podcasting.


We will carry out research- learning more about the important people who have helped to develop these technologies, find out how to construct our own circuits, crack codes and investigate new gadgets.


In English we will be focussing on newspaper reports and thriller narratives, such as Anthony Horowitz's 'Stormbreaker.'


Let's start our journey to Tomorrow's World...

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