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Week 3


We are continuing with the multiplication unit that you began before the holidays. I hope you are well rested and ready to get stuck in with your home learning!

Practice book page 12 - 14

Practice book page 15 - 17

Practice book page 18 - 20

Practice book page 21 - 23

Fun multiplication activities



Please write 2 of the spellings each day into 2 separate sentences so that by the end of the week you have 10 sentences containing each of your 10 spellings. (Spellings can be found on the 'Spelling' sub page under 'Week 3').


Do not forget that these sentences need capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. Get the children chanting it at home like they do at school! Also remind the children to use 'phoneme fingers' in order to sound out and spell their words. 


Extended writing:

Please use the links attached to help the children write their own instructions.