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Week 12: Week beg: 29.06.2020



During the June half term, I asked you to start collecting recycling materials and things you might ordinarily throw away. This is because you are going to make your own sea creature using these materials.


Last week, you learnt the impact that rubbish and plastic has on our oceans and the importance of recycling products so they don’t end up destroying and polluting the habitats in our great oceans. To make a statement and show how you can help to spread the word in your community that we need to stop polluting our beautiful blue planet.


First, you will need to design a sea creature that people’s actions are putting in danger. You will make this sea creature out of the recycled plastics, to make everyone who sees it think about what harm plastic is causing.


Complete the Sculpture Design Sheet to help you to do this. I have added some ideas of some sculptures that have already been created out of recycled materials.


When you have completed your sculpture, send a picture to Dojo, Twitter or by email and we can display them on the website. You might want to display it at home in your garden on in your window!

Explorify! What if the sea was gloopy like ketchup?

Letters to the Earth


Mrs Addison has invited us to take part in a competition this week to write a letter, a poem or a piece of writing to the Earth for the chance to win prizes for school and become a part of an Earth Book! 


If you would like to take part, follow the link for an information video and read the pictures below. 


Once you have finished your writing, please email it to either the class email, or to Mrs Addison at


Remember, this is a competition! So make sure that your work is presented using your best and neatest handwriting, you've thought about your sentences and punctuation and you've used some of your topic knowledge to help you!



English and Reading


This week, the children will be exploring the story of Flotsam by David Weisner.


This is a book with no words, so there needs to be lots of investigating and exploring of what we think might be happening in the story.


I’ve attached a link to the story being shown on YouTube. Feel free to watch as many times as you like. Each time you view it, you might spot something different!






This week, the children will be using their knowledge from multiplication methods last week and putting it into the context of a real life problem.


If the children need reminding on using these methods, look back to last week and re-watch the videos to support them in the methods.


Remember, by the end of year 4, the expectation is that all children know their multiplication and corresponding division facts up to 12x12.


Use the links from Week 11 if your child still needs support in learning the timestables facts. Sumdog will also have a relevant challenge for the week! TT Rockstars is also available!



As we are now near the end of the school year, we have actually covered all the spelling rules required for our age group (*Wooooohooooo!*) However, there are a group of pesky spellings that don't fit with any rule, that we are expected to know how to spell as we leave Year 3/4. 


I have added some different activities below to do to help us to learn these spellings. These include spotting the mistakes, word searches, an activity book and handwriting practice.