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What a bunch of Super Heroes!  What a fantastic year!

Well done Oak Class, another successful year of learning and fun!


Innovate - Life cycle films

Take a look at our life cycle films below. Each group made a stop animation film and a Photo Story film to show their chosen  mini beast life cycle.  Enjoy!

Ladybird Life Cycle

Still image for this video

Ladybird Life Cycle

Still image for this video

Butterfly Life Cycle

Still image for this video

Butterfly Life Cycle

Still image for this video

Bee Life Cycle

Still image for this video

Bee Life Cycle

Still image for this video

Ladybird Life Cycle

Still image for this video

Ladybird Life Cycle

Still image for this video

Butterfly Life Cycle

Still image for this video

Butterfly Life Cycle

Still image for this video

The Life Cycle of a Bee

Still image for this video

The Life Cycle of a Bee

Still image for this video

Wriggle and Crawl Innovate Task

For our innovate task this topic, Oak Class were asked by Dr Fran (Chief Scientist at Cornerstones Education) to create animation films that would explain the life cycle of a mini beast to a younger child. We worked in teams and produced two types of film: one true animation where we had to move the Plasticine models little by little, taking photos each time, and one where the still photos are animated by a computer programme.  The photos below show the work in progress.  The videos will be uploaded soon!  

Special Birthday

Oak Class helped our amazing Teaching Assistant celebrate a special birthday.  We would like to thank her for all her help and support. THANK YOU!

D.T. - Honey

As part of our Bee Movie studies, Oak Class have tasted a variety of different honeys, including local honey and honey made from different types of flowers.  We tried to taste the difference, but most of them actually tasted of the same thing - honey!  Despite being different colours and consistencies, they all tasted alike to us.  Very sticky, but very yummy!

R.E. - Bible Time Line

Oak Class have been learning all about the Bible.  In order to make sense of the different time periods and why we have BC and AD (or BCE and CE) we used toilet roll to measure a time line.  Each piece of toilet paper represented 10 years.  We marked off periods in history we have been learning about over the year as well as others we knew too.  It took more than one toilet roll to get back to the time of Moses and the Old Testament.  The hall floor was not long enough, we had to go up and down its length more than once.  We couldn't believe the large gaps in history where so little changed and yet so much has changed within the last 100 years (or 10 sheets)!

Maths - unit of measurement

Oak Class have been learning about different units of measurement.  They carried out an activity to sort different items of measurement into order of length of time, distance and weight.  There was lots of discussion and debate but agreement in the end.

Where do snails live and how far do they travel?

This was the question Oak Class wanted to investigate the answer to.  First we found lots of snails and marked on a map where they were found.  We were very gentle.  We put them in a hoop to see where they would go - towards the grass or the wet.  Only a couple of them moved though and it seemed the grass was the favourite.  Then we marked them and numbered them and set them all free.  The next day we returned but most of them had disappeared, apart from 3 that were hidden deep in the grass.  We will continue to search for them over the coming weeks to see where they have gone.  Fingers crossed they haven't gone over the fence!

First Swimming Lesson

Oak Class had their first swimming session this term.  They were amazing!  Jumping in, splashing, going under water and, of course, learning swimming strokes too!  Well done Oak Class - look forward to seeing your progress!

Maths and Computing - Insect Hunt

In maths Oak pupils are learning about position and direction, turning and angles of turn.  This is also linked to algorithms in computing because they had to write instructions to guide a 'robot' to collect the insects in a set pattern.  In the morning maths lesson they used a grid of 8 by 8 squares to write the instructions using a code.  In the afternoon, these instructions were tested using the slabs outside our class to represent the squares.  If their instructions were not correct, they had to 'de bug' them and make the necessary adjustments.  In the end all the insects were collected!

Wriggle and Crawl - Term 6 Topic

To start our new topic called 'Wriggle and Crawl' we went on a minibeast hunt around the school grounds.  We used a variety of equipment to find and collect small invertebrates then photographed them, before setting them free in the same environment.  We also kept a tally of how many of each type we found in each different habitat.  The results were then used to make pictograms and graphs in maths lessons.  We found some unusual looking bugs and asked BBC Spring Watch to help us identify one through Twitter.  They thanked us for the photo and told us it was a Harlequin Ladybird's larvae.  How amazing is that!

Wriggle and Crawl Holiday Homework

Over the half term Oak pupils completed a homework piece all about things that 'wriggle and crawl'. They could research an insect, create their own insect, complete a piece of insect artwork or write a letter to Miss Muffet explaining why she should not be afraid of spiders.

Take a look at the work produced in the photos below.  Well done Oak class pupils!  5 team points to you all!

Celebrating the end of Term 5

The whole class got a Friday Mention at the end of Term 5 because everyone had worked their socks off!  The Year 2s were particularly hard working when completing all their Key Stage One SATs tests and the Year 3s worked well learning all about the digestive system and teeth.  What a fantastic class!

Design Technology - wind up mechanism in a boat model

To finish our topic of Land Ahoy! the children made boats out of junk materials.  The design requirement was that they had to have a wind up mechanism of some sort on their model and it had to operate a part that went up and down.  Their planning, modelling and ideas were all very creative and, as you can see in the photos below, they were very successful too!

Science - investigating floating and salt water

To follow on from our materials and floating investigations we decided to see if we could make things that sank quickly last time, float by adding salt to the water.  We tried metal coins, Plasticine and also seeing if we could increase the floating weight of two toy boats.   Despite all our efforts the coins sank, the Plasticine floated but only when it was a boat shape but the two boats did float better in salt water.  Lots of questions were raised and theories given.  Very interesting investigating Oak!

Guinea Pigs Back in Oak Class!

We really enjoyed having Nibbles and Rosie back in our class this week.  They were very well behaved and really getting used to being held.  Well done on your attendance Oak pupils!

Science - materials that float and sink

After learning about a real chocolate boat (honest!) we looked at the properties of different materials and investigated whether they floated or whether they sank.  We found that the shape of a material is just as important as its weight and that things we thought would sink, could in fact float if we changed their shape or combined them with another material.  We then thought up our own investigation questions and carried out tests to see if we could answer them.  These included questions such as 'Can I make a stone float?' 'Which material will make a stone float?' 'Will all Lego float?'  'Can I make Lego sink?' 'Will a metal coin float?'  'Which shape of Plasticine will float?'   Many of these questions led to further questions as we investigated.  Very messy, but very interesting!

Maths - Properties of Shapes

We made paper boats by following instructions and folding a piece of A4 paper into different shapes.  As we made each fold we identified the properties of each new shape including sides and vertices and also whether they had lines of symmetry and any right angles.  It was very tricky but successful as you can see by the picture below.

Land Ahoy! - Homework

Oak pupils were really busy over the holidays doing their homework.  Take a look at the pictures below. They have made pirate treasure chests, treasure maps, written boat based stories, researched famous ships past and present and even made model boats too!  Well done all of you, 5 team points each!   

Land Ahoy! - Engage Week

What a week we have had!  On Monday we had a visit from The Canal and River Trust and learned all about how to stay safe near water.  We remember what we learned by saying the SAFE code: 'Stay Away From the Edge!'  Claire showed us other dangerous situations and we found out how to avoid them and still enjoy the river.  This prepared us really well for our trip to Newark Town Lock on Thursday.  We were really lucky with the weather!  When we arrived, Claire gave us an interesting talk about the history of canals, why they were built and how.  We then 'built' our own model canals in a sand tray.  It started with a first settler and ended up with a factory, warehouse, coal mine and canal.  We found out the different names for different workers: leggers, surveyors, puddlers and navigators (or navvies).  After we went for a walk along the river to the lock.  We watched a barge go through the lock and had lunch in the amazing sensory garden.  After, whilst we did our sketches, we got to go in groups of three into the control room and operate the lock.  We opened and closed the gates and made the water go up and down.  We all got certificates for being Junior Assistant Lock Keepers.  A massive thank you to the adults who helped make the trip possible and to the Canal and River Trust who provided these activities for free.   The less said about the trip home the better!! Apart from a big thank you to the coach driver who supplied us with much appreciated water!

A Late World Book Day Celebration

Oak dressed up and enjoyed a 'late' book day after the first one was postponed due to the snow.   We came as characters from many different books and all looked fantastic.  We learned about the poem The Owl and the Pussy Cat and enjoyed some activities based around that poem.

Weaving Baskets - RE/DT/History

We took the opportunity to combine a skill across three topics by weaving our own Easter baskets after learning about the importance of weaving in Prehistory times where it was used for many things, not just making material.  For example fishing baskets and, on a larger scale, fences were all 'woven' out of different materials.  We wove baskets out of paper and used them to collect our mini eggs to celebrate Easter.  It was tricky to keep the pattern of 'over, under' and then 'under, over'.  However, we also know that Easter is about more than chocolate and have also been learning about why Good Friday is called 'good'. 

PSHE - Worry Dolls

We listened to a story called 'Silly Billy' about a boy who worried a lot until he found out about worry dolls. The idea originates from an Indian tribe in Guatemala. Their children share a worry (if they have one) with the doll before they go to sleep, then the doll carries the worry while they are sleeping and does the worrying for them.  We discussed what to do if we are worried and decided that it was important to share it with a real person.  However, we still then made our own 'worry dolls' to take home and share our worries with too.  We won't, however, be doing like the boy in the story and make worry dolls for our worry dolls!  Here's to endless worry free sleeps!

Seed Planting

Oak teamed up with Sycamore Class to plant lots of different herbs, beans and vegetables in the school's plant beds.  We will watch them grow over the next few weeks and on into the summer and autumn in the hope that we can get a good harvest.  Fingers crossed!

Samba Drumming

Oak Class really enjoyed our samba drumming session.  We learned how to 'keep a beat' on a range of instruments and how to focus on our own beat whilst others are doing a different one.  When it all came together it sounded fantastic!  Thanks again to the Friends of School for funding the event.  We had great fun!

Bulb Investigations - Science

In January we asked our own questions about bulbs and then planted some under different conditions in order to investigate them over time.  Some of the results were surprising, such as the ones in the fridge continued to grow in the cold and dark over a 3 month period, the bulbs planted upside down all grew and even flowered and even a bulb that had been chopped in half also grew.  Ones that didn't grow included one in just water and one that just sat on top of the soil.  Interesting answers to good questions Oak Class!

Investigating the Reproductive Parts of a Flower - Science

As part of our science topic of plants, we used tulip flowers to investigate and identify the different parts of a flower needed in seed production.  We got close up using magnifiers on the Ipads and also magnifying glasses.  The pollen, stigma and stamen in a tulip are easily identified.  We then drew and labelled our own diagrams to show what we had learned.

Stone Age Tools - Design Technology

As part of our topic we investigated stones as tools.  We practised scraping, mark making, cutting and grinding with different types of stone to see which was effective at each task.  We then designed our own tool, saying what it was made out of and what it was used for.  


Stone Age PE

Mr Hatcher, our student teacher, gave us a fantastic Stone Age PE lesson.  We had to use sticks and 'stones' (tennis balls covered in wrinkled paper) to play different team games.  We had to pretend the balls were heavy stones and it reminded us of the story Ug (who played football with a rock).  We thought about children in the Stone Age and decided that they would also have played games because that's what children do - even in Prehistory!

What's Under Our Feet? - March

Oak Class have collected data for The Pod as part of a national survey into the supply of food for birds in Great Britain.  As we did in November, we dug up a piece of grass 30cm square and counted and measured the worms we found.  We noticed the worms were much thinner and shorter than last time, but there were still plenty of them!  We only found one other species and that was a larva of some kind.

Friends of School Animal Visit

We were very lucky that our Friends of School won a competition to have a visit by some exotic animals. We met a tortoise, a bearded dragon and an enormous python.  We found out all about them, what they eat, their specific features and how they grow.  The python was only 3 years old but she was very long indeed! 

Visit by PalaeoLab for Science Week

Carrying on from our prehistory topic, On Wednesday 7th March, a palaeontologist came in and showed us his collection of fossils. We were able to go around the hall and handle fossils from different ages which were displayed on separate tables. We were fascinated to find out that what we had in our hands were millions of years old. Oak class were able to see fossils from the three Ages (Stone, Bronze and Iron) and were able to relate back to our topic. We were also very interested to find out that many years ago the school would have been underwater! 

Thank you Jules for an amazing afternoon! 

Thank you to the Friends of the School too, who funded the visit. 

Prehistory Clay Pots - Art & History

Our clay pots that we made at Flag Fen (see below) have finally dried enough to take home.  We think they look fantastic!

Visit to Flag Fen

As part of our prehistory topic, we had a trip to Flag Fen, an archaeological site near Peterborough.  First we found out why it is called Flag Fen, and it is not because of a flag, but a local, yellow flower that is tall and waves around like a flag called a flag iris.  After a safety talk, we made a time line that showed just how short modern history is and how much went on 'BC'.

After that, our class went to make their own clay pots based on some examples found on the site.  We had to 'quack' the clay to shape it!   When they are dry photos will be added to our web page. Then we handled and sorted artefacts from the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages.  One item was a red herring - a Roman writing tablet.  After lunch, we went on a tour around the site seeing the drove way, the sheep, the lakes, the bridges, the ancient long boats, the preserved remains of the causeway and finally, we had a story around the fire in the round house.  The story was really interesting and we got to touch an enormous, golden sword to make a wish too!  A massive thank you to the fantastic staff at Flag Fen who made the visit so interesting and exciting.  

Science - What's On Our Wellies and Seed Dispersal

We started our new science topic about plants by going for a very muddy walk in our wellies.  We brought back the mud, transferred it to a tray, then watered it a bit and covered it in cling film.  We are going to observe over time if anything grows.  We then learned about the different methods of seed dispersal.  Focussing on wind dispersal, we designed then made our own giant 'seeds' and tested them to see which flew the best, both under controlled conditions in the classroom and outside on the field with 'natural' wind conditions.

Stonehenge Holiday Homework

For our half term homework we had to research Stonehenge.  We chose to present our homework in different ways.  We all got a Friday mention because Mrs Addison was so impressed.  A huge thank you to the parents for their support too!

Term 4 - Tribal Tales:  Prehistoric Cave Art

To start our new topic all about prehistory, we learned about prehistoric cave art and re created some of our own using pastels.  We found out that they blew natural 'paints' around their hands to make art work on the walls of caves, as well as 'painting' scenes such as hunting animals.  Take a look at our work displayed below.

Gods and Mortals - Innovate Week

For our innovate task we had to design and build our own version of 'Pandora's Box'.  First we learned all about the story and the horrible things that Pandora released into the world (according to the legend).  However 'hope' was also released and we also found 'hope' in the mysterious box that appeared in our class room too!  Take a look at the photo to see what else came out our box.  Mrs Addison was only allowed to open it after a week!  After we had made our boxes we drew pictures of what we would like to put in them (only nice things though).  Our parents came to help us and to see what we have been doing throughout this topic.  Thank you to those who were able to come!  We have really enjoyed learning about Ancient Greece.

Computing - Scratch, linked to Theseus and the Minotaur

We had great fun learning how to use algorithms and give instructions to the computer using the Scratch programming tool.  First we had to make the 'maze' then we learned how to put the characters Theseus and the Minotaur into the maze and make them move around it.  We had to shrink them and then we had to give instructions for the Minotaur to disappear when Theseus caught him.  A massive thank you to Josh from InfoTech, who showed us what to do.

PE - Gymnastics

Oak have had a great term learning gymnastic skills with Mr Brown from JB Sports.  We have been jumping, travelling, balancing and much more.  We loved our final lesson when we had all the equipment out!  Take a look at the photos below to see our great poses.

Greek Homework Project

Oak Class pupils have really enjoyed this term's Greek homework project and have produced a large variety of work.  From amazing holiday plans, to incredible mythical beasts, to delicious Greek food, to secret alphabet sentences.  Really well done to all who completed the challenge!

English and Ancient Greek Legends

We have been reading the Ancient Greek Legend about the Trojan Horse and how it was used in the battle for Troy to allow the Greek soldiers to secretly gain access to the city.  We then built our own simple 'horses' using different materials, noting down the steps we did so we can write instructions for someone else to make a simple Trojan Horse.  It was a challenge, but fun!

Science and Ancient Greek Myths

We read the story of Icarus and the myth about how he flew too close to the sun with his wings made of feathers and wax, which melted with the heat of the sun, causing him to fall.  We investigated the affect of heat, water and cold on our own 'wings' using feathers and melted candle wax.  We found out that in the oven the wax totally evaporated, in the water it floated and in the freezer it became brittle.  However, we also discussed the well known fact that the higher you get from the earth's surface, the colder it gets, so could the sun have really melted the wax on his wings?  We think not!

Ancient Greek Shields

We made Ancient Greek shields.  We started them at the Collection as our independent activity then we added to them back at school. We tried to use repeating patterns and Greek symbols. We think they look great!

Term 3 - Gods and Mortals

We have had a busy first couple of weeks with our new topic about Ancient Greece.  One of the most exciting parts so far though is, without doubt, our visit to The Collection in Lincoln.  We had a great time rotating round four different activities: Greek Theatre, Tour of the Greek parts of the museum and toga wearing, making shields and being archaeologists digging up ancient artefacts.

Check out the slide shows below, one show the range of activities, the second shows the battle stories we acted out in slow motion between the Greeks and the Persians, including the battle of Marathon.

A huge thank you to the Collection staff and to the volunteer adults who helped us on the trip!

End of Term 2

The whole of Oak Class received the Friday Mention this week for working so hard all this term, for trying their best at every activity and for being kind and considerate towards each other.

Well done Oak Class - have a lovely holiday!

Design Technology - Puppets

We designed and made puppets of heroes or villains from traditional or fairy tales.  First we looked at the different resources available, then drew our designs and labelled which materials we would need.  Then we had fun making our spoon or glove puppets.  It was very tricky at times (especially the sewing) but we think they look fantastic!  After we evaluated our work and discussed what went well, what we changed and how we might go about it next time.

Blocking Sound

Our Class puppet goes to the elves'  workshop every year to help them prepare for Christmas.  This year he said he didn't want to go because it was too noisy, so we helped him design some ear defenders.   We investigated which material would block the sound the best.  We found out it was the cardboard but then decided this was too uncomfortable a material so we went for the second best which was bubble wrap.  We did decide that perhaps he should buy a pair of ear defenders similar to our class ones, because they really blocked the sound well.

Visit by Florence Nightingale

As part of our Heroes and Villains topic we had a visit from a heroine from the past,  Florence Nightingale.  The class was set up like the hospital in Scutari and Florence gave us jobs to do.  We had to be nurses, if we were girls, orderlies, cooks and also patients if we were boys.  Nurses had to bandage the wounds and change the night shirts, put on clean sheets and shake the bugs off the blankets.  The orderlies picked up all the dirty dressings and scrubbed the floors clean.  The cooks made the best meal they could with the few ingredients they had.  The patients were wounded soldiers.  One of the nurses wrote a letter for a patient to his mum and another read from the bible because he was passing away.

We found out about all the articles that Florence had in her trunk and all about her life. We learned so much, it was a fantastic visit.  A big thank you to the North Lincolnshire Museum and to Friends of School who helped fund this visit.

Nibbles and Rosie come to Oak Class

Well done to all in Oak for your fabulous attendance record this week!  We loved winning the school Guinea Pigs, Rosie and Nibbles, and are looking forward to looking after them this week.

Science - Ear Gongs

This week as part of our sound topic we made and tested ear gongs.  It is always surprising how loud an ear gong sounds!  We tested tapping our ear gongs with different materials by using spoons.  Even the paper spoon was loud!


In RE we have been learning about the Jewish festival of Hanukkah and the miracle of the oil in the temple.  There was only a small amount of oil but it burned for eight days and nights.  We lit a menorah and designed our own too.  Then we ate a traditional Hanukkah food, delicious potato latkes that were fried in oil.  A big thank you to Mrs Kennedy who kindly made them for us!

Children in Need 2017

Oak Class supported Children in Need today by dressing up in bright colours and/or spots, they entered the art contest and supported the tuck shop too.  A huge thank you to parents for all their support and generosity too!

Science - Telephone Investigation

This week we created our own telephones as part of our sound topic.  We then investigated different types of 'telephone' by changing one thing, either the cup size, the length of the string or the thickness of the string.  We worked in groups and recorded our results using the log boxes that were kindly bought through funding from the Edina Trust.  We had some visitors from the Trust who came to see how we were using the equipment.  They joined in and were a great help too!  A big thank you to the Edina Trust for all their support with science learning.

Remembrance Service

Oak Class pupils were proud to place their crosses at our Remembrance Service this week.

PE - Circuit Training

We are still taking part in our weekly circuit training and recording our improvements each week.  Some of the activities are really exhausting but we are feeling fitter!

Science - Sound

Our science topic this term is all about sound and hearing.  We investigated how sound can be changed, in particular the pitch and volume of a sound.  So far we have used balloons, elastic bands, tuning forks, straws, different containers, musical instruments and even our rulers to investigate how sound can be adjusted.  We stretched, plucked, twanged and blew in different ways to see what changes we could  make.  Next we will be making our own telephones!

Heroes and Villains - Our new Term Two Topic

We have had a busy first week back in term two with our new topic of Heroes and Villains.  We have been approaching it through studying the characters in traditional tales and fairy tales, culminating in our 'Fairy Tale Activity Day' on Friday.   We had great fun dressing up as a wide range of characters, doing an activity booklet, playing in the role play, doing puppet shows and decorating fairy cakes and biscuits. What fun!

Innovate Week

Oak Class have started their Innovate activity and are busy making designing Smoothies, advertisements, recipes and packaging to promote their scrumdiddlyumptious Smoothie drinks.  Coming soon, photos of the actual smoothies!

Imaginary Fruits

Oak Class pupils designed then made their own imaginary fruits out of clay.  They then painted them unusual colours.  They had to consider how the fruit looked, how it tasted, it's smell, shape and colour. Some remarkable ideas! Take a look at the photos below.

What's Under Our Feed Investigation

This week Oak Class took part in a national science event to help scientists at the British Trust for Ornithology understand the relationship between climate, the availability of invertebrates and how this impacts UK bird numbers and their migration.  We had to dig up an area of turf 30cm square then carefully count any invertebrates we found, in particular the worms, which we also  measured.  We recorded our data to put on the national webpage at The Pod.  We will repeat this activity in the spring and summer too.  It was very tricky to measure wriggling worms!  All creatures and turf were returned carefully to their original places.

Oak Friday Mentions

Thank you to the parents who were able to attend our Friday Mentions.  We hope you enjoyed our musical performance of The Ning Nang Nong .  We have enjoyed learning this poem and adding instruments to jazz it up even more.  We look forward to our next performance of a different poem at Harvest Festival.

Celebrating Sukkot

This week we have been learning all about the Jewish festival of Sukkot and how it links with the Christian festival of Harvest.  We found out about the story behind Sukkot and how Moses led his people from Egypt to the promised land, but only after 40 years in the desert.  This is where we learned about the 'sukkah' and we built our own in the classroom making leaves and twigs out of paper.  Our sukkah has a hole in the roof to see the stars too.  We ate a special celebration food of apples with chocolate and sprinkles inside our sukkah.  They were delicious!

Our Cuboid Rice Shakers

Following our Foldify activity (see below) we made our cuboids into rice shakers to help us 'keep a beat' when we are reciting our poetry this week.  We hope you agree that they look fabulous!

School Council Oak Class Representative Elections

We elected our School Council class members this week.  We had five fantastic candidates who had made posters advertising their skills and ideas.   They then presented their campaign ideas to the class and answered questions from them.  We were very impressed with them all and they all did a fantastic job, making the choices very difficult.  After a close, secret ballot Jasmine and Miah were elected to represent Oak this year.

Which is the Juiciest?

To continue our learning about fruit and vegetables we investigated which was the juiciest.  We discussed the difference between fruit and vegetables, observed what they looked like when cut up and predicted which we thought would lose the most 'juice'.  We weighed and recorded each different food, then we baked them really slowly in the oven for over 24 hours at a really low temperature (although the oven was not actually on over night!)  Then we weighed them again.  We used cubes to find the difference then weighed out some water to show the juice lost.  We were really surprised to find that apples lost the most, followed by the sweet potato and the water melon.

Making 3D cuboids using a software app

We had an amazing lesson with Josh, our computing expert, who showed us how to design and make 3D shapes using the Ipads.  We learnt about how a shape unfolds flat into a net, then we all made a cuboid.  We got to choose different colours, backgrounds, images, writing and patterns.  Next we will make our cuboids into musical instruments - watch this space!

Pastel Still Life - Fruit and Vegetables

Following our visit to Sainsbury's, where we drew our produce using sketch pencils and colour pencils, we tried a different medium to create pictures of the fruit and vegetables by using pastels.  We had great fun blending the colours and using different thicknesses to create different textures.

Trip To Sainsbury's Supermarket

Oak Class visited Sainsbury's in Lincoln along with Sycamore Class.  When we arrived we split up and first Oak Class went around the fruit and vegetable aisles choosing unusual fruit and veg.  Then we went to an area in the café that had been especially reserved for us and drew sketches of the different foods we had selected.   After lunch it was our turn to do the activities led by the Sainsbury's staff.  First we learnt about the history of Sainsbury's and then we rotated around three activities: a tour of the supermarket including behind the scenes, decorating cup cakes and using the tills.  We had a fantastic time and we have learned a lot.  The favourite activity was scanning the items through the till though, we even all got our own printed receipt!  A massive thank you to all who helped on the trip and to the Sainsbury's staff too!

Mr Twit's Beard Pizzas

As part of our Scrumdiddlyumptious topic for Design Technology we designed and then made pizzas to look like Mr Twit's beard.  First we read the chapter that described Mr Twit and his beard in the Roald Dahl book and found out that it was disgustingly full of bits of old food and took up most of his face!  Then we designed our pizza faces using the ingredients that we would have.  Finally, we made the pizza dough, stretched it out and decorated it.  Take a look at our amazing results in the photos below.  We took them home to cook for tea - delicious!!

Summer Holiday Activities

Welcome back after a busy summer holiday.  Have a look below at the homework projects Oak Class pupils completed over the holiday.  The new year 2s created 'Bags of Me' and from these we have learned a lot about each other and we celebrated our similarities and differences.  The year 3s were really creative and made 'dream jars' using the story BFG as a prompt.  5 Team Points each for their fantastic work!