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Spring Term week 1 4.1.21

This week we will be starting a new Learning Journey, 'Stargazers', where we will learn all about the galaxy we live in, why we get different phases of the moon and about space exploration.



This week we will again be working on improving our reading stamina. We will also be learning about Venus by reading and completing a comprehension activity. 



This week we will be making up our own mnemonics to help us learn the order of the planets in the solar system.



In maths this week we will be extending our understanding of geometry, by looking at shapes and angles. We will learn how to calculate missing angles on a straight line or around a point. We will learn the names of different types of  angles and classify these. 



This week we will be researching the eight planets in our solar system. We will learn about their orbits, size and position. We will then move to look at what makes day and night.