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Bulgarian Celebrations

Celebration of Cyrillic Alphabet

This week on the 24th May is a celebration of the Cyrillic Alphabet and of literature and education in Bulgaria.  We have been learning the Bulgarian alphabet with the help of one of our pupils and we have had a go at writing our names and sentences using this ancient alphabet.  It was very tricky!



Today (5th March) we celebrated Martenici which is a Spring custom in  Bulgaria.  Grandma Marta (March) is a kind and sometimes stern grandma, because of the changing weather in March. She and her grandchildren Pijo and Penda bring Spring and the revival of the nature after the harsh winter. So to celebrate this revival Bulgarians wear woven red and white threads of wool as bracelets or as brooch.  We were lucky to receive some bracelets from a class member who kindly gave us one each. 

Below is a picture of Grandma Marta with her grandchildren and some of us with our bracelets.