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Easter Homework 

Over the half term Oak class were asked to produce something linked to Easter (a celebration we will be learning much more about this term)  We produced a huge range of fantastic work from decorating Easter bonnets to making edible Easter egg nests.  We have poems, stories, art, maths questions and games - all linked to Easter.  Take a look at our Easter display. 

Celebrating Hanukkah 

As part of our Festivals topic we have been learning about Hanukkah.  We made potato latkes, the traditional Hanukkah food which is cooked in a little oil to remember the miracle of the oil burning for eight days.

We also  played the Dreidel game where the Jewish people remember how their ancestors pretended to play a spinning game so the soldiers didn't know they were learning from the Torah.


Oak Class have been learning about different harvests around the world.  We had a range of foods from the local supermarket.  We identified which countries they grew in and discussed the different climates they needed to grow and the journey each had taken to reach our plates.