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Gobblefunk and Snozzcumbers

WW2 Airplanes


Thank you to everyone who made and brought in their own WW2 Airplanes! We have had some fantastic models hanging from our ceiling this term and we have loved seeing your creative ideas!

From London to the Countryside...


Our display looks fantastic of our drafted letters and diary entries as WW2 evacuees! We had great fun getting inspiration from Goodnight Mr Tom and using our drama activities to help us with our thoughts and feelings!

WW2 Wireless Podcasts


We've combined our computing knowledge with our topic work this week and we've created a Wireless Podcast! We scripted and recorded our own wireless show in the style of those in WW2! 

WW2 Wireless Podcast

Still image for this video

WW2 Wireless Podcast

Still image for this video

WW2 Wireless Podcast

Still image for this video

WW2 Wireless Podcast

Still image for this video

WW2 Wireless Podcast

Still image for this video

L.S Lowry


To link with our work on World War 2, the children looked at the work of the artist L.S Lowry. They learnt that he grew up in Salford around the big industrial buildings and loved to draw very simple people in city environments. We looked at some of his artwork based on WW2 and used this as inspiration for our own work. We experimented with different mediums, such as oil pastels, charcoal, graphite and pencil to get different effects. We first chose a setting and used crayons to create a background, then we used a different medium for the people in the foreground. 

Rationing Cookery


Today, we made wartime digestive biscuits and imagined that we only had rationed ingredients to use in our recipe. We converted imperial measures to metric ones and then followed the method to make our biscuits. 

BFG Performance!


Today we were lucky enough to watch a performance of the BFG! It was very exciting and we got to hear the whole story...we especially loved whizzpopping with frobscottle!

Mr Twit Cookery!


Today we made pizzas in the style of Mr Twit's face! We planned them before and decided what foods we needed to make a healthy pizza and what we could use for different parts of his face. Today, we used ready made bread flour and mixed water to make our dough. Then we got creative to make our faces!

Real life Ration Books! 


Today, someone from Sycamore class brought in some ration books from World War 2! We got to see the tokens and talked about how food was rationed in the war. It was very exciting and great to see some real life artefacts! 



​We had a fantastic time at the BBMF today! We learnt lots of new facts and things that we didn't already know from our guides, Eric and Tony. Take a look at our photos!

Evacuee Drama


Today, we have started our planning of our diary entries and evacuee letters. We started by completing some freeze frames of typical evacuee scenes: at the train station and packing their clothes. We had to think about the character's emotions in these scenes and how to get our point across in a frozen scene! 

Evacuee Talk


Today we had a visit from Mrs Collins, who some of us know already from 3C's club. She came in to talk about how she was evacuated in the War. We talked about rationing, air raid shelters and what is was like being separated from her family. 

BFG Dream Jar Home Projects


Thank you to all of Sycamore Class for their fantastic efforts with their BFG Dream Jars...they are wonderful! Everyone has worked hard to make sure they depict their dreams clearly and they are so creative! Well done everyone!

Blitz Artwork

We have been learning about the Blitz in our topic work this week. We looked at some artwork depicting life in London during the Blitz. We then created backgrounds by blending reds and oranges to create a fire effect. We used a feathering technique with our brushes and added water to blend the colours together. Then we used black paper to create a silhouette. We discussed some of the London buildings that would have been around in WW2 and talked about what effect the silhouette gave to the artwork. 

Today, we started our topic of WW2! We learnt how the war started and the countries that Germany invaded in the run up to the beginning of the war. We listened to the wireless recording of Neville Chamberlain when he declared war in Germany. We can't wait to learn more! 

WWII Family History!


Today, one of Sycamore Class brought into school with them something very special! We loved hearing about one of our class member's relatives and all the medals they had won in the Second World War! We also got to see a real Pilot map of Europe!