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Maple Class Trip to Jubilee Park and Abbey Farm at Kirkstead



As you can see from the lovely slideshow below, we had a wonderful day out yesterday.  The weather was just perfect for our picnic in the park and we even had time to play before we set off once again in our bus to the farm.  Once there, Mrs Nelstrop gave a talk about farming and explained that not all farms have animals.  We learnt the names of various farm machinery and found out what crops grow on the farm before setting off to do a spot of mini beast hunting.  We found an amazing butterfly in the meadow and then we went into the wood for tree spotting.  The afternoon was rounded off by a tractor ride across the fields to look at potato, pea and carrot crops; and it didn't rain once!

Everyone returned to school sleepy but happy.  

Summer Term Food Topic


Our new topic for the term is Food and we had a flying start this morning as we took part in a live web  event in which Maple Class cooked alongside schools from up and down the country  This week, 1st-5th June is Healthy Eating week organised by the British Nutrition Foundation and we joined them as they demonstrated how to make HealthyBreakfast Muffins in a cook-a-long session.  We were able to communicate with the organisers as we mixed and baked and even got a live mention which was very exciting for the children.  The children loved the muffins and we will post the recipe soon to enable you to have a go at home.  

We have talked at great length today about what food groups we should eat lots of and which we should eat less of.  Try to ensure your child has a healthy wholegrain breakfast such as wholemeal toast, porridge or weetabix this week and avoid high sugar cereals such as Sugar Puffs, Cocoa Krispies and Frosties.  This will ensure they have a slow and prolonged  release of energy throughout the morning which is much better for them.  Look out in Tapestry Learning Journals this week for some of the exciting things we will be involved in which include still life painting in the style of Guiseppe Archimboldo, a famous Italian artist who painted portraits of people with fruit and vegetable heads.

Welcome back after the half term break.  In  Maple class this term we are learning all about pets.  Week 1 will be a focus on dogs.  If you have a pet and are able to send in a photo for your child to talk about in class it would be appreciated.  We will be writing about how to look after our dogs and also making paintings of friends for Hairy McClarey.  We are thinking about sharing and subtracting in maths this week and will be using dog bones and pets to practice with. We are also going to build obstacle courses so we can pretend to be dogs completing agility courses. As the weather improves we hope to get outdoors more during the sessions so please may I ask that you ensure your child has plenty of warm clothing. 

Fun in the Snow

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