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From tiny acorns, mighty oak trees grow!






Oak Class Sports Day - well done, you were fantastic sports!

Art Day - Oak really enjoyed doing Ammonite Art using different mediums. More photos to follow soon!

Computing - Oak used Scratch to create and de bug a simple program where a predator chased its prey

RE Day - Islamic Geometric Art

Our Wood Elves - Representing British Trees, Animals and Birds

Science - (lock down learning) - Cleaning Pennies Investigation

Oak Class pupils investigated the affect that different liquids had on metal pennies as part of their Mighty Metals Learning Project. 

Dull, dirty pennies were soaked in water, ketchup, lemon juice, vinegar and coke.  When they were removed, the results were quite surprising.  No one had expected the ketchup to clean so well!  

The key workers in school have carried on the investigation to see what happens over time and also, to see what happens if the pennies aren't rinsed off. 

See the photos below, which include some great home learning investigating too! 

Draw with Rob - Gregesaurus (lock down art learning)

Silver Foil Art (lock down learning)

Oak Musician: Thank you for sharing, we loved listening to you, well done!

Beat, Band, Boogie


Oak Class are enjoying their topic of Beat, Band, Boogie. We have learnt about musical terms, such as pulse, pitch, tempo and rhythm. We have listened to different genres of music and thought about how they make us feel. We have learnt how to use our body to make music and made our very own body orchestra. Oak Class have also made rubber band guitars out of recycling materials.



Children In Need Competition


Please see document below for details.

Children In Need Competition 2020

Writing Displays - Our Childhood in the 1950s Reports and our Rules for Friendship

Cricket Skills with JB Sports

RE - learning about the obstacles in life and how to follow a straight path.

Science - why do we have two eyes?

As part of learning about the senses, Oak pupils investigated why we have two eyes.  We carried out different activities using just one eye to see how hard it is to function. 

Science - Comparison Investigation

As part of our science learning journey about the human body, we investigated different questions.  We started by measuring our height, foot size, hand size and finding our age in years and months. 

We then asked: 

Will the oldest be the tallest? 

Will the tallest have the biggest feet? 

Will the person with the biggest feet have the biggest hand span? 

To answer, we ordered ourselves from oldest to youngest, tallest to shortest, etc. 

We found out that the oldest wasn't the tallest, but the tallest did have the biggest hands and feet! 

Science - what can our hands do? 

Oak Class pupils investigated what their hands could do by using their sense of touch, without their sense of sight.  They found they could sort rough and smooth, count a number of objects, order things by weight or length but they could not identify the colour of an object.  Although some were able to guess a colour correctly!! 

Art and Design - Funny Faces 

Oak Class pupils have been enjoying this term's art project all about portraits. First they looked at some portraits by different artists, then used mirrors to draw their own self portrait.  Next they looked at some abstract faces with different features and made their own funny faces by sticking different features over a photographic face.  Next they will be using pastels to investigate the possible use of colour in portrait pictures.  Take a look at the lovely work in the photos below!  Well done Oak, I can't wait to see your next portraits! 

RE - The 'Oneness' of God

Oak pupils are learning about how Allah is described in the Qur'an.  This lesson was about understanding the 'oneness' of Allah and how his many parts can make a whole.  This is called 'Tawhid'. We pieced together different shaped parts to make a whole by completing tangrams. 

Science - Stages of Life

Oak Class pupils acted out the different stages of human life, from being a baby, to a toddler, to a child then teenager, adult and elderly.  Take a look at the photos - can you identify which stage is which? 

PSHE - Jars of Happiness

We thought of things that make us happy.  Instead of putting them in an actual jar, we drew them in a jar.   Please see the pictures below.  What a lot of different things make us happy!